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‘Population Bomb’ Author Predicts Cheerful Future of Cannibalism

Posted on | May 23, 2014 | 52 Comments

Long ago utterly discredited by the falsehood of his “overpopulation” prophecies, Paul Ehrlich is still taken seriously by liberals. He went on HuffPo Live this week to warn that the depletion of natural resources means soon we’ll be forced to “eat the bodies of your dead,” et cetera:

In addition to being full of wild predictions, Ehrlich was prepared to lay extensive blame on Republicans and the media. He accused “every state legislature” of waging a “war on women” and a “war on the environment.” In addition, he blamed former President Ronald Reagan of “stealing from the poor” — all the pro-forma stuff you have to say to make sure of being invited back on HuffPo Live.
Ehrlich viciously attacked pro-life Americans, somehow accusing them of “trying to kill women by making abortion illegal.” Instead, he called for “backup abortions” for any woman who’s birth control failed, in an attempt to control “breeding,” as he put it.

(Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: Donald Douglas at American Power observes that, even while the Left’s “scientific” experts are exposed as fools, the fanatic Amanda Marcotte accuses the Right of waging a war on science.



52 Responses to “‘Population Bomb’ Author Predicts Cheerful Future of Cannibalism”

  1. good2knoe
    May 24th, 2014 @ 1:56 pm

    RT @kateofkatehall1: They told me if I voted for Romney, we’d have to resort to cannibalism… ‘Population Bomb’ Author Predicts… http://…

  2. Douglas W. Cooper
    May 24th, 2014 @ 10:43 pm

    We’ll go from “you are what you eat” to “you are whom you eat.” Green Revolution made Malthus obsolete.