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LIVE AT FIVE: 12.28.15

Posted on | December 28, 2015 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

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A heavily damaged house in Rowlett, Texas

Snow and ice causing whiteouts from New Mexico to Iowa; Texas lashed by tornadoes and flooding, killing 11; states of emergency declared in New Mexico, Texas and Missouri

Iraqi Army Declares Victory In Ramadi Over Daesh
Central government complex retaken; on to Mosul?

Japan PM Abe Offers Apology, Compensation to ROK “Comfort Women”
Japan, ROK agree on final settlement; Japan to contribute $8.3 million to victim fund

Attempts To Rename Something Hawaiian For Obama Fail Again

Lanai Lookout, the latest failure

Locals balk at abandoning traditional place names: “People here believe that land has spirit and feeling,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “It’s not just dirt.”

Trump Slams Virginia GOP For Loyalty Oath

Rep. King Demands Better Surveillance Of Mosques

Jim Webb Rips Clinton’s Record As SecState While He Mulls Independent White House Bid

Sen. Sanders Declares Truce With DNC

Huckabee, Kasich Campaigns To Continue Despite Weak Poll Numbers

Trey Gowdy To Endorse Marco Rubio?

Asian Crude Slumps After Christmas, WTI Maintains Premium Over Brent: Brent $37.73, WTI $37.87
Dollar Struggles To Make Headway As Year Winds Down
Japan Output & Retail Sales Slump
China Telecom Chairman Targeted By Anti-Corruption Investigators
FedEx “Scrooges” Some Christmas Celebrations With Late Packages
Oil Plunge Means Alaskans May See First Income Tax In Years
LeBron James Lip-Syncs In Samsung VR Ad
Japan Gets Nintendo’s 2DS In Limited-Edition Pokemon Colors
Why India’s Net Neutrality Activists Hate Facebook
Deadline For Verizon, Sprint “Cramming” Claims Fast Approaching
Rise Of The Tomb Raider Out On Steam


Jones catches a 70-yard touchdown pass to put the Falcons up 14-10 in the third quarter

Victory comes two weeks after Falcons fall 38-0 to Carolina in an NFC South game

Red Sox, A’s World Series Hero Dave Henderson Dies, 57

Benson Scoffs At Suggestion He Sell Saints, Pelicans

Sens Beat Bruins 3-1

Hail To The Redskins: NFC East Won With 38-24 Trouncing Of Eagles

Panthers Edge Blue Jackets 3-2

Vikings Rape, Pillage & Burn Giants 49-17

Leafs Thump Islanders 3-1

Cardinals Crush The Pack, 38-8

Jets Blank Pens, 1-0

Steelers Stunned By Mallett, Ravens 20-17

Flames Torch Oilers 5-3

Nats, Daniel Murphy Agree To Three-Year Deal

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Spend Christmas Together In Oklahoma

Shopping at Madill Atwoods

Same store Shelton and now ex-wife Miranda Lambert were photographed at two years ago

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Makes $1 Billion In Just Twelve Days

Madonna’s Humiliating Oversharing May Be Driving Rift With Son

Sunday Stroll With The Royals

Meredith Vieira’s Show To Be Axed

Carson Daly Marries Longtime GF Siri Pinter

Craziest Red Carpet Moments Of 2015

Rapper French Montana Donates Million-Dollar Bonus To Charity

Bristol Palin – It’s A Girl!

Gov. Jerry Brown Pardons Robert Downey Jr. For 1990s Offenses

Inside Sean Penn’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Lee Daniels

Car Bomb In Kabul Kills One, Wounds Thirteen
UK Military Helps Combat Flooding As It Spreads To Cities
UN Actually Does Something Useful; Brokers Deal To Evacuate Three Syrian Villages
Red China Gets Pissy Over Filipino Protesters In South China Sea
Nigerian Army Kills Ten Suicide Bombers Outside Northeastern State Capital
China Updates One-Child Policy To Two Children
Sulfuric Acid Train Derails In Australian Outback
Thai Junta Chief Lashes Out Against Myanmar Verdict Protests
Vienna Police On Alert After Holiday Attack Warning
Worst Flooding In 15 Years Forces 100,000 To Flee In Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

EBL: Anderson Cooper
Da Tech Guy: Yaz, Ted Cruz, And Context
Michelle Malkin: For Unto Us A Child Is Born
Twitchy: Did Imam At California Mosque Lie About Ties To San Bernardino Terrorists?

American Power: Pat Condell – “We Want The Truth”
American Thinker: Some Post-Christmas Thoughts
BLACKFIVE: Book Review – Doomed To Succeed By Dennis Ross
Conservatives4Palin: Trump Fires Back, Hits Bill Clinton’s “Penchant For Sexism”
Don Surber: Firefox Is This Year’s Darwin Award Winner
Jammie Wearing Fools: Imam Who Claimed He Barely Knew San Bernardino Terrorists Exchanged Dozens Of Messages With Farook
Joe For America: We Have A Gun Problem?
JustOneMinute: Christmas With Chris Christie
Pamela Geller: Muslims Brutally Beat Christians In Berlin After Christmas Day Celebrations
Protein Wisdom: Post-Christmas Snippet
Shot In The Dark: When They Say No, They Mean Maybe; Maybe, They Mean Yes
STUMP: Puerto Rico Update – Temporary Respite, Again
The Gateway Pundit: Bernie Sanders Calls On Trump Supporters To Join His Socialist Revolution
The Jawa Report: Muslim Homos Denied Visit To Tinkerbell
This Ain’t Hell: Elizabeth Laird, The “Hug Lady”, Passes
Weasel Zippers: GOP-Controlled Va. Legislature May Strip Governor Of Armed Bodyguards Over Concealed Carry Reciprocity Abolition
Mark Steyn: Pulp Fiction

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