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LIVE AT FIVE: 12.29.15

Posted on | December 29, 2015 | 6 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Good night, prince of metal.

Motorhead frontman felled by cancer Monday

Cleveland Policeman Won’t Face Charges In Killing Of Tamir Rice
County prosecutor recommended no indictment to grand jury

Texas “Affluenza” Teen Taken Into Custody In Mexico
Ethan Couch, on probation for killing four while DUI, fled with mother to Puerto Vallrta, where they were taken into custody

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Cuts Cuba Vacation Short

Emanuel at a December 7 press conference with interim police superintendent John Escalante

Intends to work on police reform after weekend shooting

Pentagon Pushes For Long-Term Presence At Bagram Air Base As Taliban Gain Ground

Clinton, Trump Still Tied In Rasmussen Poll

Soros Blasts Trump, Cruz As Fearmongers

Jeb Wants One-On-One Debate Against Trump

Bernie Sanders Stumps In Southern Nevada

New Iran Sanctions Fight Looms In 2016

Falling Temps In U.S., Europe Lift Oil Prices But Market Remains Weak: Brent $36.82, WTI $37.02
ETFs Beating Mutual Funds Again
Higher Fed Rates To Dominate Markets In 2016
Yen Gets Boost From Souring Risk Sentiment; Crude Slide Hits Loonie
Icahn Sweetens Bid For Pep Boys To Over $1 Billion
Colorado Pot Banking Case Tests Federal Drug Rules
Samsung Pay To Launch Online Payments In U.S.
Switch To Verizon, Get Up To $650
Apple Devices, Phablets Dominate Holiday Sales
NYC Starts Turning Pay Phones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots
Nork Version Of Linux Extremely Oppressive

Broncos Barely Pull It Out, Beat Bengals In OT

Brock Osweiler rallies Denver in the second half

McCarron takes the blame for bungled snap, turnover

Harlem Globetrotters Legend Meadowlark Lemon Dies, 83

Habs Edge Lightning In Shootout

Wizards Fall To Clippers, 108-91

Kings Crush Canucks 5-0

Spurs Rake Timbermutts, 101-95

Trevor Gott Joins The Nationals


Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Stephen Strange

Shooting just started in November, won’t wrap until March

Miranda Lambert Officially Over Blake Shelton

First Look At Bran Stark In Game Of Thrones Season 6

San Francisco Goes After Bieber For Graffiti Marketing Campaign

Exes Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Find It Annoying To Be Living Together, But It’s All For The Best

Naughty Celebs Got A Visit From Krampus This Christmas

One Big Happy Family For Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx

Belgians Arrest Two In Alleged New Year’s Terror Plot
Israeli Supreme Court Clears Olmert Of Main Corruption Charge, Cuts Sentence To Eighteen Months
Syria, France Deadliest Countries For Journalists
Bombs In Homs Kill 19
Fresh Storm Threatens More Misery For Flood-Ravaged UK
Putin Dissolves Roscosmos, Russian Space Agency
Did Keidanren Businesses Push Abe To End Sex Slave Dispute With ROK?
Aussie PM Loses Two Ministers Three Months After Taking Over
Suicide Bomber Kills 16 In Pakistan
Boko Haram Kills At Least 80 In Nigeria

EBL: Hillary’s Secret Weapon
Da Tech Guy: Good Thing The Jews Didn’t Attack Us Or It Would have Been Worse
The Political Hat: Humpty Dumpty Goes Trans
Doug Powers: America’s Juiced – Obama Promises To Squeeze “Every Ounce Of Change” Out Of His Last Year
Twitchy: Reince Priebus Says It’ll Be Tough For GOP To Hold Senate In 2016

American Power: Today, Americans More Likely To Say Terrorists Are Winning Than At Any Time Since 9/11
American Thinker: DC NPR Family Another Victim Of Black Violence And Denial
BLACKFIVE: Book Review – Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless, By Tilly Bagshawe
Conservatives4Palin: Obama’s Lying About Gitmo
Don Surber: Muslims Sue Pam Geller For Wearing An Itsy-Bitsy Red-Hot Polka Dot Bikini
Jammie Wearing Fools: Visibly Unsteady And Confused Grandma Clinton Clings To Expensive Walking Aid While Mistakenly Wearing A Throw Rug
Joe For America: Three Black Women Find Homeless White Man, Teach Him Horrifying “Lesson” In Front Of Children
Pamela Geller: Czech President – Migrants Should Be Fighting ISIS, Not Invading Europe
Shot In The Dark: Our Nation’s Intractable Anti-Gun Culture
STUMP: Happy Christmas Season!
The Gateway Pundit: Daesh Military Commander Abu Omar El-Shishani Captured In Kirkuk
The Jawa Report: Naji Jerf Murdered In Turkey
The Lonely Conservative: State Department Counts Syria As A Win For 2015
This Ain’t Hell: Afghans Disappointed As Taliban Gains
Weasel Zippers: 191 Million U.S. Voters’ Data Exposed In Database Mishap
Megan McArdle: Bernienomics 101
Mark Steyn: Family Planning In The New Europe

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6 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE: 12.29.15”

  1. smitty
    December 29th, 2015 @ 9:57 am

    God rest Lemmy’s soul in a suitably sound-proofed corner of Heaven.
    I’ve been a Motorhead fan since Orgasmatron on the theory that, if Lemmy could make it in rock’n’roll, I could do anything.

  2. Daniel O'Brien
    December 29th, 2015 @ 10:24 am

    Thanks, Wombat!

  3. Wombat_socho
    December 29th, 2015 @ 6:01 pm

    I was surprised to find that he was one of the members of Hawkwind.

  4. Kevin O'Kelley
    December 29th, 2015 @ 6:33 pm

    While I agree that Sec. Clinton is not interested in actually governing, she won’t resign because:
    1. She’ll enjoy the power, especially having everyone bow to her.
    2. She has a long list of enemies to deal with.
    3. Being President affprds many more opportunities for graft.

    If your a Clinton, you throw your wait around, you screw with your enemies, you reward your friends, and you line your pockets. It’s what you do.

  5. Mike
    December 29th, 2015 @ 7:45 pm

    CUMBERBATCH looks like he could be a credible DOCTOR STRANGE. Not the easiest character in the Marvel universe to pull off.

  6. Wombat_socho
    December 30th, 2015 @ 3:00 am

    Think you got the wrong thread there, bubba.