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In The Mailbox: 05.05.16

Posted on | May 5, 2016 | 4 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Proof Positive: Re-elect Donald Trump
The Camp of the Saints: Swing And Sway With Donny – Hey!
EBL: Natalia Lima & Ed Henry Fox News Scandal
Da Tech Guy: Baldilocks – Inserting a Brand-New Language Into A Not-So-New Brain
The Political Hat: Survival Guide For Social-Justice-Minded Special Snowflakes
Michelle Malkin: Tale Of Two Tribes – “Climate Refugees” Vs. EPA Victims
Twitchy: Hillary Clinton Suffers Convenient Memory Loss During Anderson Cooper Interview
Shark Tank: Top McCain Aide Says He’d Back Clinton Over Trump

American Power: Vox Day – “Why I Support Donald Trump”
American Thinker: Get Over What About Trump, Exactly?
BLACKFIVE: Book Review – I Let You Go By Clare Mackintosh
Don Surber: With Malice Toward None
Jammie Wearing Fools: Washed-Up Hag Madonna Claims Ridiculous Outfit Was “Political Statement”, Not Desperate Plea For Attention
Joe For America: Want To Watch A West Virginia Coal Miner Rip Hillary A New One?
JustOneMinute: Sharing His Pain
Pamela Geller: EBay Removes Mohammed Cartoon Auction
Protein Wisdom: The Bully You’ve Brought To The Party…
Shot In The Dark: Minneapolis – “We Can’t Be Bankrupt, We Still Have Checks!”
STUMP: Puerto Rico Watch – PR Defaults! Again! Also, A New Jersey Connection
The Jawa Report: Sandcrawler PSA – What Communists Eat
The Lonely Conservative: Who Is John Galt?
The Quinton Report: Kasich Event With Bob Ehrlich Likely Off
This Ain’t Hell: Senate Caves To Unions In VA Omnibus Bill Dispute
Weasel Zippers: Oldest WW2 Veteran Dies At 110
Megan McArdle: The Four Horsemen Of The Republican Apocalypse

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