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Canadian Gay Child Pornography Merchant Reportedly Made $4 Million

Posted on | August 9, 2016 | 1 Comment

Does anyone remember Jesse Ryan Loskarn? He was the chief of staff to Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander who committed suicide in 2014 a few weeks after he was arrested on federal child pornography charges:

An affidavit from a U.S. postal inspector alleged Loskarn made several purchases in 2010 and 2011 from a Canadian company selling sexually explicit DVDs and streaming videos, the majority of which featured underage nude boys.
Federal investigators also said that in October, child pornography files were being offered for download on an Internet peer-to-peer network linked to Loskarn’s residential IP address.
It included a 28-minute video of graphic material featuring children reportedly as young as 6 years old, authorities said.

The Canadian man whose company sold those “sexually explicit” videos of “underage nude boys” was sentenced to prison Monday in Toronto:

The international police investigations into the customers of Brian Way, the biggest producer and distributor of child pornography in Canada, led to hundreds of arrests around the world and the rescue of hundreds of children, as detailed in a Toronto Star investigation.
On Monday, five years after his arrest in 2011, Superior Court Justice Julie Thorburn sentenced Way to 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine and three years probation.
Way was sentenced on 15 counts linked to both the manufacture and sale of child pornography and his personal collection of child pornography, the largest ever reported in Canada, according to Crown prosecutor Jill Cameron.
It contained “graphic, disturbing and sometimes violent depictions of children ranging in age from toddlers to adolescents,” Thorburn said in her ruling.
For his business, Way paid three producers to shoot films of boys between the ages of 10 and 18 in Eastern Europe, Thorburn said.
Way, based out of a warehouse on the Queensway, then sold the films through his website,, to customers in 92 countries.
During a judge-alone trial, Way argued that the films he made were merely “nudist films.” Thorburn found 57 out of approximately 800 films sold by Way met the legal definition of child pornography, and that they became increasingly sexually explicit over the years.
Forty-four boys had biographies listed on the website, and 33 boys played recurring roles in the films, Thorburn said. . . .
The Crown had sought a sentence of 14 years as well as a fine of $800,000 to reflect the gross sales generated from the sale of 57 films between 2007 and 2011.
Thorburn said she settled on a $20,000 fine based on the amount of Way’s cumulative gross salary for the four years that came from the sale of the 57 films. . . .
Acting Det. Sgt. Paul Krawcyzk, who heads the Toronto police child exploitation section, says the sentence is far too low for what Way did.
“I think of the 44 children involved, particularly in these videos, who were exploited over numerous years, many whom we watched grow up throughout the videos. They won’t get those portions of their lives back. We’ve heard from some of them who explain that they have been affected and will continue to be affected. And I just don’t think that the sentence reflects that.”
He adds that the fine of $20,000 is only a tiny fraction of the $4 million the Crown had initially alleged Way made off selling the videos.
“I think that’s pretty pathetic, personally,” Krawcyzk said.

Does anyone suspect that the sentence was relatively light because Way’s crime involved videos of boys (not girls) and because the paying audience for these videos was gay, rather than heterosexual? Is the producer who profited from such crimes deserving of less punishment than if he had exploited girls? And what about Jesse Ryan Loskarn, whose life was destroyed as a result of the evil addiction from which Brian Way profited? No one ever accused Loskarn of molesting any boys, but he was among the hundreds of men who paid Brian Way for those videos.

Excuse me for being so judgmental, and I suppose some will accuse me of being a homophobe, but the truth is, I hate Canadians.

Also, I hate liberals. One of the men arrested as the result of this Canadian investigation was David Goldberg, a Montreal journalist who served only 90 days in jail (!!!) and then wrote an article for the liberal Atlantic magazine that included this sentence: “I was the victim of an unhappy childhood and a psychologically disturbed father.” Writing a sentence like that should be punishable by life in prison, and the editors of the Atlantic should probably serve a few years behind bars for publishing it.

Criminals telling tales of their “unhappy childhood” are . . . criminals. Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler had unhappy childhoods, too, but this in no way mitigates their evil. As evil as Manson is, at least he’s not Canadian, and Hitler never published an article in the Atlantic.



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