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‘Blunt-Force Trauma’ to Her Vagina

Posted on | September 14, 2016 | Comments Off on ‘Blunt-Force Trauma’ to Her Vagina

Delaney Robinson (left) says she was raped by Allen Artis (right).

Allen Artis is a 6-foot-1, 215-pound junior linebacker for the University of North Carolina and also allegedly a rapist:

A student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has gone public with allegations that she was raped by one of the school’s football players and that the university failed to adequately investigate the reported assault.
Delaney Robinson said at a press conference Tuesday that UNC linebacker Allen Artis sexually assaulted her earlier this year. Robinson claims campus police interrogated her like a suspect in her own assault and “laughed” at her story while interviewing Artis. Robinson’s attorney Denise Branch alleges that the assistant district attorney for Orange County, North Carolina, told her: “unconsciousness is rape, blackout drunk is not rape.” . . .
The North Carolina native said she had been drinking on Feb. 14 when Artis allegedly raped her in an athletic dorm while she was “incapacitated.”
“Yes, I was drinking that night on Valentine’s Day. I’m underage, and I take responsibility for that. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to violate me. I did not deserve to be raped.”
After the alleged assault, the then-18-year-old pre-business student went to a hospital where she was examined by a nurse trained in sexual-assault cases and a rape kit was recorded. A physical exam revealed “vaginal injuries consistent with blunt-force trauma and bruising consistent with a physical assault,” according to her attorney.

OK, for any feminists reading this, trigger warning: Common sense.

If you’re a college girl who decides to get drunk to the point of being “incapacitated” on Valentine’s Day, avoid the athletic dorm.

The evidence in the case — including bruises on Robinson’s neck — appears rather convincing. Artis was suspended from the UNC team Tuesday and turned himself in to the sheriff’s department today,  and we’ll let the criminal justice handle the matter of Artis’s guilt or innocence. However, I would like to call attention to how feminism’s “rape culture” rhetoric amounts to a demand that we demand we ignore common sense.

According to feminists, we are supposed to pretend that 18-year-old college girls never get drunk with the intention of having sex. We are also supposed to pretend that college boys don’t understand that college girls get drunk with such purposes in mind. Now, I say this not in a spirit of “victim-blaming” or “slut-shaming,” but merely to describe known patterns of behavior of drunk college kids. There are more than 18,000 undergraduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill, including more than 4,000 freshmen. Enrollment is 58% female, which means that each fall, about 2,300 girls fresh out of high school show up in Chapel Hill, and how many of those girls get drunk and have sex? A lot, I’ll bet. Drunk sex is probably common enough among girls at UNC that the boys on campus assume that any girl who gets drunk at a party is willing to have sex, and the only question is, “Who is she going to leave the party with tonight?”

Again, I’m simply describing known patterns of behavior, in order to try to explain how feminists fail to acknowledge the way common-sense assumptions are formed. If there are a lot of girls getting drunk and having sex — which is the case on college campuses across America — guys are apt to interpret drunkenness as synonymous with sexual consent. Obviously, this interpretation is sometimes erroneous, which is why we keep seeing all these “he-said”/“she-said” cases where two drunk students have sex but subsequently disagree on whether it was consensual. However, if the vast majority of consensual hookups on campus also occur between drunk students, how many of those hookups could be considered sexual assault should it become a matter of law that drunkenness, per se, renders a person incapable of consenting to sex?

This is exactly where feminists are trying to lead us, as Ashe Schow has pointed out, by implementing campus policies that make it effectively illegal to have sex while drunk, and which deprive accused students of the due-process protections they would have in criminal court.

Allen Artis will face the charges against him in court, but even if he is acquitted at trial, he will probably never again play football for UNC. That’s just the way things are now. In Los Angeles, meanwhile, two University of Southern California football players have been suspended:

USC has banned linebacker Osa Masina from campus while authorities investigate allegations he raped a woman back in July … this according to Masina’s attorney.
TMZ Sports broke the story … officials are investigating allegations that Masina and [teammate] Don Hill had sex with a woman who claims she was drugged up and near unconscious at Hill’s L.A. apartment back in July.
The alleged victim told police 19-year-old Masina recorded the incident and Snapchatted it to her ex-boyfriend — a football player who plays for the University of Arizona.
The woman claims Masina then raped her on a 2nd occasion in Utah later that month.
USC had previously suspended Masina from the football team — but now his attorney Greg Skordas has told the Daily Trojan he’s been banned from being on the campus altogether.

How many cases like this are we going to see before college coaches start forbidding their players to date girls at all? Do any of these girls have even the tiniest bit of common sense? Like, “Hey, let’s go over to this football player’s off-campus apartment because . . .” Why? Why is she there? Is she looking for help with her geography homework? Does she think they’re going to take a moonlight stroll on the beach, holding hands while he recites a few of his favorite Shakespearean sonnets? Bullshit.

Osa Massina is 6-foot-4, 230 pounds of USDA Prime Beef. He is a competitive athlete trained in the aggressive use of physical force. What is a girl going to do when she goes over to Osa Massina’s apartment? Whatever Osa Massina wants her to do, that’s what. He’s a Division I athlete at a big-name program with a reasonable prospect of becoming an NFL star. There is no shortage of girls willing to accommodate the desires of star athletes at major universities, and the players become accustomed to the idea that every woman they meet is looking for a hookup.

Really, why else does a girl go to a USC football player’s apartment? And why does a drunk girl go to the athletic dorm at UNC? Serious question — what decision-making process led to Delaney Robinson’s fateful Feb. 14 encounter with Allen Artis in Chapel Hill?

Oh, look, it’s Valentine’s Day,” says the freshman girl. “I’ll do something romantic, like get drunk out of my skull and wander over to the athletic dorm, just to share the festive holiday spirit.”

Forgive my cynical sarcasm about this, but it takes an absurd kind of naïveté to believe that a girl can be smart enough to go to college and yet too stupid to understand the likely result of such a decision.

“Vaginal injuries consistent with blunt-force trauma.”

The reader is free to speculate what that phrase means.



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