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Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt Is Still Deranged and, Yes, Cyberstalking

Posted on | October 4, 2016 | 3 Comments


Let the reader search the archives here for mentions of Bill Schmalfeldt, and I believe you will discover that I have ignored him for more than two years, until I found today that Schmalfeldt was recycling a defamatory fraud from 2013 concerning myself and Karen the Lonely Conservative.

Now, given that I have ignored Schmalfeldt so long, and only took notice of him today because he was engaging in a false attack on me, which of us has suffered an unjust injury? (Hint: Not Bill Schmalfeldt.)

Alas, perhaps because of the hapless fool’s degenerative neurological condition, he seems incapable of comprehending basic facts, which would explain the idiotic email he sent me this afternoon:

To: Robert Stacy McCain
From: Bill Schmalfeldt <[email protected]>
Tue, 04 Oct 2016 16:02:27
Dear Mr. McCain:
This is my notice to you that I intend to hold you accountable for any and all future defamatory remarks. You are on notice. Calling me “deranged” is defamatory. It is not based on truth and it puts me in a false, negative light.
Calling me a “cyberstalker” is defamatory. Cyberstalking is a crime, both in Maryland and in Wisconsin. I have never been convicted of the crime of “cyberstalking,” so referring to me by that label is a malicious falsehood.
I am not an “adjudicated” anything. Peace orders and restraining orders are not an adjudication of guilt. They are, by law, an order to not engage in certain behaviors, not a finding that such behaviors have been proven. As I have never been convicted in a court of law for any crime, calling me an “adjudicated” criminal is a malicious falsehood.
I intend to hold you to this standard. If the things you allege are defamatory, and the truth or falsity can be proven, a false statement will be taken as defamation.
You are warned that I will not put up with this any longer.
Cease and Desist
William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.
St. Francis, WI 53235

Thus the finest legal mind of Acme Law™ is convinced that my description of his condition (deranged) and his behavior (cyberstalking) has made him the victim of a tort (defamation) on my part. Certain that no court would ever agree with Mr. Schmalfeldt on this matter, I would be within my rights to reply, “F*** you, you demented old fool,” and leave it at that.

However, I thought it worthwhile to publish Mr. Schmalfeldt’s empty threat — “You are warned that I will not put up with this any longer” could easily be construed as a threat of some intended retaliation — so that everyone would know what Old Blubberhead is up to lately. The question is why, after two years, Mr. Schmalfeldt would suddenly renew his interest in me. My hunch is that it may be related to events described in “The Panic Is Pretty Obvious” by John Hoge.

According to Mr. Hoge, Schmalfeldt published a forgery that appears related to ongoing litigation between Aaron Walker and Brett Kimberlin. If Mr. Schmalfeldt was indeed part of that “panic,” perhaps he sought to divert attention from his blunder by stirring up some trouble with me. And if past is precedent, we may expect that The Neckless Troll will now begin escalating the pursuit of his zany obsession with me, all the while proclaiming himself to be the victim. Selah.

Strangely, Mr. Schmalfeldt seems to believe I have used the word “adjudicated” to describe him, which I have not. Having ceased to pay attention to him, I am unaware of the state of his legal affairs, and certainly did not use the word “cyberstalker” with the intention of making a criminal charge against him. Rather, I used the word in the colloquial sense — i.e., someone who uses Internet communications (“cyber-“) to maliciously pursue someone in an obsessive way (“stalking”). Mr. Schmalfeldt has certainly done that to me in the past, and has been subject to court action involving his online behavior toward others, so that describing him as a “cyberstalker” is to state a known fact, no more controversial than it would be to call him “bald” and “ugly.”

As for calling Mr. Schmalfeldt “deranged,” this is also non-controversial, as he is known to be afflicted with a debilitating disorder that can produce dementia. While I am not a mental health professional qualified to diagnose this condition, his behavior would certainly cause any observant person to believe Mr. Schmalfeldt is warped, wacky, cracked, twisted, berserk, mad, daft, off his rocker, nuttier than squirrel farts, Looney Tunes, a few fries short of a Happy Meal and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Indeed, one might list every synonym for “crazy” in Roget’s Thesaurus without fully describing how crazy Bill Schmalfledt is.

Karen the Lonely Conservative has taken notice of the latest craziness, and the “Billy Sez” blog also comments.

By the way, does anyone need to be reminded about Bill Schmalfeldt’s enthusiasm for anal rape? Because maybe some people forgot.



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