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‘Ima Kill Them Watch’: Woman Sent Video as She Killed Her Son, Police Say

Posted on | November 3, 2016 | 1 Comment

Christian Clark murdered her infant son, exactly as she said she would do in text messages to the boy’s father, according to police in a Pennsylvania town who say she also sent him a video of the baby she killed:

In the video, a year-old boy lies face down on a bed. His mother picks him up by his right arm, then drops him back on the bed. A child’s cartoon plays in the background. Mom is silent.
The clip came nearly 2½ hours into a sequence of texts, photographs and videos in which police said Christian Clark cataloged her fury, threats to harm her children, and descriptions of her efforts to smother them. The recording gave detectives an intensely close view of a killing and its aftermath.
“She was sending [messages] before the act, at the time of the act and following the act,” said Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough. . . .
Allegheny County Police used three videos, two photographs and a long-running chain of text messages Wednesday to charge Ms. Clark, 21, of McKeesport, with killing her 1-year-old son and attempting to kill her 2-year-old daughter.
Text messages outlined in an affidavit supporting the charges against Ms. Clark indicate she was angry with the children’s father, Andre Price Jr., because she thought he was seeing another woman. . . .

So, the alleged motive was selfish spite.

Think about this. A young woman has not one, but two children out of wedlock. She suspects her boyfriend, putative father of at least one of her children, of fooling around. Just because she can’t be bothered to get married, that doesn’t mean she can’t be jealous and possessive. People who are irresponsible are usually also selfish, and selfish people are usually also cruel. Enslaved by their selfish desires, they seek to evade responsibility for the consequences of their wrongdoing by finding someone else to function as a scapegoat onto whom they can place blame for everything bad that happens in their lives. Well, if you develop that kind of attitude, it is predictable that a lot of bad things will happen to you, and so your chosen scapegoat will become the target of infinite hatred — as I’m sure Andre Price Jr. could testify. Meanwhile . . .

About 8:25 p.m., police said, Ms. Clark began texting Mr. Price, who was at a friend’s house, about why he wasn’t coming to her home and “accused Price of cheating on her with another woman.” . . .
Shortly after 9 p.m., police said Ms. Clark texted Mr. Price: “Ima kill them watch.” . . .
At 9:19 p.m., police said she told Mr. Price his children weren’t safe, and about a half-hour later, she warned him, “So you better pray for your kids.” . . .
Mr. Price told Ms. Clark he wasn’t coming over and she should leave the children alone. Police said she responded by saying, “Im killing them” and sending a “laughing emoji with tears in its eyes.” . . .
A minute after that, Mr. Price received a text message with a picture: A little girl was lying on a bed, her face covered with a pillow. Then came a photo of a boy lying face down in a comforter. Next, police said, was a text from Ms. Clark to Mr. Price: “I don’t love them.”
The text messages continued — most sent by Ms. Clark without a response from Mr. Price. There was a video that showed two children lying face down. Then another video in which police said Ms. Clark grabbed her daughter, who cried, then grabbed her son, who didn’t respond. According to court paperwork, in the video, Ms. Clark says, “First of all she is clearly fine, because watch, see she is not dead. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance.”

Honestly, they should have called an ambulance long ago, to take this crazy woman to the lunatic asylum where she belonged. Alas, it’s 2016 and the world is so full of crazy women there simply is not enough space in our mental health institutions to house them all.

By the way, did I mention that Hillary Clinton is running for president?



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