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Step One: FAIL

Posted on | November 21, 2016 | 2 Comments

This feminist bumper sticker — “Hillary 2016, Michelle 2014, Chelsea 2032, Sasha 2040, Malia 2048” — was designed by Karin Hildebrand Lau. It was posted to Tumblr in July by a “non-binary queer intersectional feminist” who said “Reblog this to make Conservatives angry.” Oops.

Believing themselves to be On The Right Side of History, progressives have been losing a lot of elections lately. The hubris that has led them to these disasters originates in the Left’s certainty of their own moral and intellectual superiority. The Left is essentially totalitarian, and does not believe that it should have to prove its claims in open debate. The bias of the media, and the progressive consensus that dominates academia, means that the college-educated young liberal has likely never encountered a conservative antagonist whom he was required to take seriously. The Right has no prestige, no influence, no power on the 21st-century university campus, and so the young liberal is never confronted by an intelligent and articulate adversary during his collegiate career.

“But all the smart people agree with me!” the progressive young person says to himself, when he encounters opposition in the real world. The liberal doesn’t see that this apparent consensus of Smart People™ is a manufactured product, the result of epistemic closure in academia. As early as 1951, with the publication of William F. Buckley’s God and Man at Yale, it became evident that there were deep problems in American higher education, if Yale — then widely considered a conservative “establishment” institution — was promoting socialism in its economics curriculum. The Left’s takeover of academia since the 1960s (see Roger Kimball’s Tenured Radicals) has resulted in an unofficial policy of discrimination that prevents Republicans from being employed in the faculty of humanities and social sciences at most universities.

This bias in our education system has replicated itself in the fields of journalism and entertainment, where “progressive” politics now results in, e.g., Broadway actors presuming themselves qualified to lecture the next Vice President of the United States. The cast of Hamilton cannot admit the possibility that intelligent people could look at politics and reject their progressive philosophy. The Left never considers that their own ignorance is the basic problem. One doubts that Lin-Manuel Miranda has ever read Buckley, or Richard Weaver, or Friedrich Hayek, or Thomas Sowell, ad infinitum. In fact, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a partisan hack:

On July 12, Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda stood up at his show and welcomed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to his show.
“This November, the difference could not be more stark, who do you think is going to get closer to those ideals?” he asked, referring to the Constitution and the founding fathers. “Are you going to vote for the guy who wants to build a wall, or for someone who’s building bridges?”
Miranda introduced Clinton as “the forty-fifth president of the United States” as she took the stage to address the crowd.
Why? Because it was a private fundraiser. Miranda hosted a special performance of the show exclusively for donors to Clinton’s presidential campaign. Tickets ranged from $2,700 to a whopping $100,000.
“I have now seen it three times, first at the Public and twice here, and I cry every time,” Clinton said.
Miranda tweeted a photo of himself with both Bill and Hillary Clinton urging America to “include women in the sequel” of the American story.

Well, so much for that plan, eh?

What liberals cannot understand is that their politics is a form of prejudice, a set of unexamined assumptions about how the world works, and unrealistic ideas about how the world could or should work.

So the feminists who thought they could “make Conservatives angry” — elect Hillary, and taunt Republicans with the result — were guilty of the same kind of smug self-righteousness that led Lin-Manuel Miranda to think he was promoting “the forty-fifth president of the United States” in July, and to think he was qualified to lecture Mike Pence last week.

Meanwhile, young “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer says Trump’s election makes him and his colleagues the new establishment:

“The Alt-Right has been declared the winner [of this presidential election],” Spencer said on the night Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. “The Alt-Right is more deeply connected to Trumpian populism than the ‘conservative movement.’”
“We’re the establishment now,” he concluded.

The Left has failed. Maybe they should think about why they failed.

UPDATE: Typical “humor” from Feminist Tumblr:


Gosh, I wonder why people hate feminists so much?



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