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Or Maybe You’re Just Crazy

Posted on | January 11, 2017 | 2 Comments

Allegedly true tales from Feminist Tumblr:

Liberal feminism is the reason I became a camgirl and stripped and signed up for sugar daddy websites literally within a week of my 18th birthday. I was primed and conditioned for that sh– by a patriarchal society teaching me to allow my sexuality to be exploited and allow myself to be objectified and dehumanized. And I was further primed and conditioned by liberal feminism promising me that was okay and empowering.

Now she’s a Marxist lesbian radical feminist, which is arguably less crazy than being a camgirl/stripper hustling for sugar daddies, but still crazy.

What’s strange is that, despite “patriarchal society,” not every girl becomes a camgirl/stripper when she’s 18. And very few become lesbian radical feminists. How is this even possible? It’s a mystery.

Feminists ask, “Don’t you heterosexual white males get tired from doing all this exploitation, objectification and dehumanization 24/7?” Nah.

Just another day’s work for White Imperialist Heteropatriarchy, Inc.

Oppressing the World™ since . . . forever, basically.



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