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The Worst People in America: Commie #DisruptJ20 Protests Led by Perverts

Posted on | January 19, 2017 | 2 Comments

Anti-Trump activist Luke Kuhn.

Democrats attract support from The Worst People in America — selfish and dishonest people, criminals and perverts — and not by coincidence. The Democrat Party’s policy agenda and rhetoric are deliberately designed to appeal to the worst impulses of the vile dregs of humanity:

Six days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, dozens of people — from college students to gray-haired hippies — gathered in a classroom at American University in Washington D.C. to listen a lawyer offer tips on how to handle getting arrested.
A woman in her late 30s raised her hand. She was worried that, since she’s a teacher, an arrest could get her fired and maybe hurt her chances at landing another job.
“We’ve had teachers get arrested,” the lawyer said. “It’s not the end of the world.” That’s likely reassuring, since for many of those in attendance, the kind of disruption that could end in arrest is the goal.
The morning’s legal training session was one of several classes offered by a group of anti-Trump activists calling themselves DisruptJ20 — “J20” standing for January 20. The event was a training camp of sorts for protesters aiming to “shut down” the nation’s capitol during president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. . . .
The activists have planned marches, permitted protests, and other unpermitted protests, including a 10 a.m. “anticapitalist march” on Logan Circle.
“Colorful disruptions will occur right at the Inaugural Parade Route,” DisruptJ20 organizer Lacy MaCauley said. DisruptJ20 organizers, she said, “have identified twelve checkpoints that participants will have to pass through in order to attend the inaugural festivities.”

Among the #DisruptJ20 activists is “Boy Love” advocate Luke Kuhn:

Yes, I support the right of young people to CHOOSE to be sexually active if they so desire. As I stated in my original posts on the subject, I started having sex by my own choice when I was 12. My partner was 15 or 16. He asked first, but I kept going back for more-and never, ever regretted it.

Luke Kuhn was one of the “Anti-Fascist” protesters captured on video by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, but in the late 1990s, Kuhn was notorious for advocating pedophilia to his anarchist allies:

Mr. Kuhn made the posts while a member of the Utopian Anarchist Party (UAP) during the late 1990’s. The Utopian Anarchist Party has been identified in other online postings as having links to international child pornography and child exploitation. . . .
A May 8, 2008 article from listed Luke Kuhn as being a “well known radical” whose home was searched by the Washington D.C. police as part of an investigation into domestic terrorists.

Has anyone asked why American University is permitting anti-Trump protesters to use its classrooms for their organizing sessions? What do we know about the history of American University?

In 1990, American University’s president, Richard Berendzen, was calling day cares seeking sex with children when he contacted Susan Eva Allen; a mother operating a home-based day care whose husband was a detective with Fairfax County Police Department. A search warrant was obtained.
Susan Allen recorded more than 30 hours of conversation with Berendzen. He asked Susan Allen if “she and her husband included their children in sex” and begged to have sex with Susan Allen’s children. He told her he masturbated while talking with her and offered to procure a child for her to use as a “sex slave.”

Washington, D.C., is a wretched hive of scum and villainy:

Brandishing rainbow flags and signs that read “Queer Love” and “Trans Power,” scores of activists marched Wednesday night toward Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s rental home in Northwest Washington, D.C.
Days before Donald Trump’s administration is expected to take over the White House, activists planned what they described as the “Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.” . . .
Pence, a former senator and the governor of Indiana, believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.
LGBT rights advocates worry about what policies Pence would promote as vice president and how they would affect the LGBT community. . . .


Flying the rainbow LGBT banner, you see, permits progressive perverts to hide their agenda behind rhetoric of “diversity” and “tolerance,” which in turn allows Democrats to claim that you’re a “fascist” if you don’t want Luke Kuhn to have sex with your 12-year-old son. Democrat Party perverts are on every campus in the D.C. area:

Anti-Trump protesters disrupted multiple Georgetown classrooms last week in an effort to resist the presidency of Donald Trump.
Members of the movement infiltrated classrooms across campus including the Reiss and ICC lecture halls, where they distributed flyers and denounced the President-elect. The individuals, who were not affiliated with Georgetown University, continued their protest in Red Square before being removed from campus by GUPD.Witnesses in Professor Arsenault’s International Relations class reported that two individuals pried open an exterior door and entered the ICC auditorium.
Harrison Nugent (SFS ’20) said that two men ran to the center aisle and passed out flyers, while bragging that they were the men who were arrested during Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.
The men proclaimed that they would not stop protesting until they “prevented fascism from entering the White House.” They urged students to rebuke the policies of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and to “join the fight against fascism” by participating in their protest.
In Professor Arsenault’s class, the protesters were forcibly removed by two teaching assistants, both of whom had prior military experience. The TAs grabbed the protesters and pulled them outside of the auditorium.
“This is what fascism will look like if we don’t act now,” the protesters shouted as they were removed from the room.


Why do you think these people want to smear the incoming Attorney General as a “fascist”? Are they afraid Jeff Sessions is going to crack down on pornography, prostitution and other favorite Democrat activities? There are reports that ex-Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta has been photographed meeting with #DisruptJ20, but for some reason the liberal media doesn’t want to pursue the story and connect the dots.




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