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F–k You, @CAwkward

Posted on | January 26, 2017 | 2 Comments

Jennifer Peepas, a/k/a “Captain Awkward.”

Captain Awkward (@CAwkward on Twitter) is a feminist blog run by Jennifer Peepas, “a woman whose plan for paying back $100K in grad school debt is ‘be an indie filmmaker.’” It would be uncouth for me to sling personal putdowns at Ms. Peepas, and also unnecessary, as I’m sure the commenters will find plenty of rude things to say about her.

Anyway, today Captain Awkward decided to share some advice:


Excuse me for omitting some of the tweets in her enumerated rant, but do I really need to explain what’s wrong with this advice?

Here’s a hint, guys: If a woman likes you — I mean, if she is totally into you — she’s not thinking about contraception. No, if she’s totally into you, she’s gonna be like, “Inseminate me, please! I want to have your babies!”


The kind of spontaneous female reaction inspired by her recognition of a man’s reproductive fitness, where she’s hearing wedding bells and thinking about how she’s going to decorate the nursery the first time you offer to buy her a cup of coffee, has nothing to do with mere politics.

What is commonly called “love” operates at the level of natural instinct, involving autonomous reflexes beyond rational control. However, as it is proverbially said, it takes two to tango. Philosophers have spent years pondering the question, “What do women want?” And I believe the only possible answer is, women want to be wanted, like the song says:

I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I’d love you to love me.
I’m beggin’ you to beg me.

A woman wants to feel that she is indispensible and irreplaceable, uniquely cherished by a man worthy of her admiration. This is why women want to see evidence of male romantic ardour. When a man starts doing the peacock strut of male ostentation, going out of his way to impress her, his willingness to put some effort into the courtship process communicates to her that he is willing to risk a real commitment.

Too many guys misunderstand this. The pickup artist (PUA) community is always telling guys to act contemptuous toward women (“negging”) as a way of conveying superiority and exploiting her insecurity. However, if a guy is genuinely superior, why bother playing silly mind games like that? This is kind of like the often misunderstood idea that women like confidence. So just act confident, right? No, what women really like is competence — savoir-faire — a guy who really knows what he’s doing, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your attempt to fake it will make you seem pompous and phony. Better to let her underestimate you at first, and then be impressed later, than to have it the other way around. And always remember, the object of the game is not to score, but to win. That is to say, it’s not about how many times the cowboy rides the rodeo circuit, but whether he takes home that big championship buckle. Some guys are lucky enough to marry their high-school sweetheart and live happily ever after, and that’s winning, whereas other guys screw around with dozens of women and end up as lonely losers.

Well, that’s just my advice and what do I know, besides having been married 27 years and raising six kids, three of whom are already married? Whereas, by contrast, what has Jennifer Peepas accomplished that would inspire anyone to have confidence in her advice? That’s why I keep saying never take advice from feminists — where’s the evidence that we should trust feminism as a roadmap to happiness? If a girl wants to grow up to live in an apartment in Brooklyn with her cat, OK, be a feminist. However, if she hopes for a life that includes a husband and babies, she probably shouldn’t take advice from Marxist lesbian man-haters. And certainly no guy should ever take advice from feminists. That’s like a Jew seeking advice from Hezbollah. Feminists are women who hate men, and who therefore are never going to offer a man any advice that would actually help him be happy and successful, because the whole point of feminism is to prevent male success and abolish male happiness.

So, let’s go point-by-point here:

  1. Never seek advice from a loser like Jennifer Peepas.
  2. Don’t bother to “immerse yourself” in books by women, unless you enjoy hanging around women who write books for a living. Most guys would probably be more interested in women who work in the food-service industry. Show of hands, guys, would you marry (a) a novelist, or (b) that friendly waitress at IHOP? I rest my case.
  3. If a woman is too “distracted” by the outcome an election to be interested in dating, you don’t want to date her anyway.
  4. Don’t wear hats, period. The only guys who wear hats are (a) bald guys, (b) guys who are too lazy to style their hair fashionably, and (c) middle-aged guys whose wide-brimmed fedoras make them look distinguished. Back when I was a young bachelor, my hair was always stylish. Go and do thou likewise.
  5. Anytime you hear a woman use the phrase “reproductive rights,” you’re obviously hanging around the wrong women;
  6. Only evil women support Planned Parenthood. Avoid them.

That should pretty much cover it. Now the comments are open, if you want to make rude comments about Jennifer Peepas, as I’m sure you do.



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