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VIDEO: @BenShapiro Destroys University Student’s Bogus Transgender Ideology

Posted on | February 11, 2017 | 2 Comments

Somebody needs to send this video to radical feminists who have been at war with the transgender movement for the past three years. Ben Shapiro dismantled this deviant make-believe nonsense in a matter of minutes:


Shapiro — after arguing with a young woman about how “gender is not disconnected from sex” — decided to pick a comparable category to prove his point.
“Let me ask you this. I won’t ask you how old – I will ask you how old you are, because you’re young enough that it’s probably not insulting to ask you,” he posed to the young woman, who responded, “I’m 22, so I’m probably a little bit naive, right?”
“No,” he continued. “Why aren’t you 60? Why aren’t you 60? Why can’t you identify as 60? What is the problem with you identifying as 60?”
“It’s not the same as gender,” the young woman countered. “You can’t just…”
“You’re right!” Shapiro shot back. “You can’t magically change your gender. You can’t magically change your sex. You can’t magically change your age.”

Since 2014, I’ve been hammering away at this exact same point — feminism is a war against human nature. The claim that we can (and should) alter reality to conform to radical theory leads to the politics of wishful thinking. Education must prepare young people to succeed in the real world. However, our education system has been taken over by left-wing ideologues who indoctrinate children with jargon about “inclusion,” “diversity,” “equality” and “social justice,” which has the effect of rendering young people permanently discontented in life. In many cases, students are learning nothing useful in school, and are rendered incapable of doing any sort of work except progressive “activism.”

Beyond this, university professors now deliberately teach falsehoods that make young people confused about their identity:

Words mean things. Facts matter. When young Democrats dishonestly label their opponents “Nazis” and incite violence as a tactic to prevent the president’s supporters from speaking, we are witnessing an attempt to redefine reality by the abuse of language. And this is not coincidentally related to the feminist gender theory — the social construction of the gender binary within the heterosexual matrix — popularized by University of California Professor Judith Butler in her book Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. As I have demonstrated (see “These Discourses of Heterosexuality Which Particularly Oppress All of Us,” Jan. 12), Professor Butler’s theory relies heavily on the work of French radical lesbian Monique Wittig, and on a handful of other writers (e.g., Michel Foucault and Gayle Rubin) who shared Wittig’s hostility toward heterosexuality, per se.
Feminists insist that the mere experience of being female makes women victims of oppression — because patriarchy! — and condemn heterosexuality as an “institution” of male supremacy, so that feminism’s “subversion of identity” requires redefining reality. She becomes “he” and he is “she” and if you don’t agree, your disagreement is transphobia.

Women’s Studies programs at hundreds of universities in America are promoting the toxic ideology of Third Wave “queer” feminism. (See “The Queering of Feminism: Why Does ‘Equality’ Require Promoting Perversion?” and also, “The Queering of Feminism and the Silencing of Heterosexual Masculinity.”) No one on campus is allowed to disagree, because universities consider it “hate speech” to criticize feminism.




Every year, thousands of students enroll in Women’s Studies classes where professors teach them that (a) males are oppressors, (b) abortion is good, (c) heterosexuality is evil, and (d) gender is a “social construct.”

These are the quasi-religious cult beliefs of academic feminism, and no one on the faculty is allowed to criticize this cult. Universities do not employ any pro-life professors, nor is any professor allowed to teach Christian beliefs on the 21st-century campus. Academia is now anti-male, anti-morality, anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, and anti-American.

Everything the 21st-century student learns during his four years of college can be summarized in two words: “Vote Democrat.”




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