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Fake Hate: Guess Who Made ‘Hundreds’ of Hoax Calls Targeting U.S. Jews?

Posted on | April 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Fake Hate: Guess Who Made ‘Hundreds’ of Hoax Calls Targeting U.S. Jews?


Hundreds of bomb-threat hoaxes and other harassing calls have been phoned into U.S. Jewish community centers, synagogues and other Jewish organizations in recent months, but finally, law enforcement has apprehended the perpetrator of this anti-Semitic crime wave.

Neo-Nazis? No.

Radical Muslims? No.

Trump-supporting “alt-right” nationalists? No.

An autistic Israeli-American teenager:

The suspect arrested [in March] for a wave of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers in the United States employed an array of technologies, including Bitcoin and Google Voice, to make himself virtually untraceable for months, The Daily Beast has learned. But in the end, it only took one careless slip-up to lead police to his door.
Police arrested 19-year-old Michael Kaydar, who has joint Israeli-U.S. citizenship, at his home in Ashkelon, a coastal city in southern Israel. He’s suspected of phoning in over 100 bomb threats to JCCs and Jewish day schools in 33 states since January, with the most recent calls made [in early March]. Police also suspect him of making similar threats in Israel, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The teenage hate-hoaxer’s parents claim that their son cannot be held responsible because he is suffering from autism and a brain tumor:

The father of the Israeli-American teen behind hundreds of hoax bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the US issued an apology “from the bottom of our hearts” to all American Jews on Monday, and stressed “there was no hatred” behind the threatening calls.
Speaking two days after the 18-year-old’s mother had blamed her son’s autism and a tumor on his brain for the hundreds of hoax calls he made, his father also said that it was “illness” that was responsible for his son’s actions. “The child is different. He is unique,” said his father, who appeared in silhouette on Channel 2 news and was identified by the pseudonym Eli. (A police gag order [on Israeli media] prevents the naming of the 18-year-old suspect, who is being identified only as “M.”) “There was no motive of hatred. The motive was illness.” . . .
In comments on Monday. M’s mother said her son has been diagnosed with autism and could not control his actions due to a tumor in his brain.
She said she was “shocked” to discover her son was behind a spate of US bomb scares and wished “I had known and could have prevented it.” . . .
The teen, whose family lives in Ashkelon, is facing charges of extortion, making threats, publishing false information and is accused of sowing widespread fear and panic.
Police say he was behind a range of threats against Jewish community centers and other buildings linked to Jewish communities in the United States in recent months, and is alleged to have made hundreds of threatening phone calls over the past two to three years, targeting schools and other public institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
His mother . . . said it was clear from a young age that her son, while highly intelligent, could not function in the regular education system.
She said she was 40 when she gave birth to him, in the US, and that he had an unusually large head, and did not develop speaking skills at a normal rate, but was very good at solving puzzles and was later diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. . . .
He couldn’t cope with the formal framework of preschool education, she said. When he was about 6, the family moved to Israel, and he could not function in the school system.
The boy’s parents decided to homeschool him, and the mother gave up her job as a biochemist to care for her child from first grade through twelfth.

So, a woman who worked as a biochemist and became a mother at age 40 has a child who is, for lack of a better phrase, mentally defective. Resisting the temptation to  go off on a tangent here, I’ll just say that there are known risks of delayed childbearing, and this is one of those risks — your mentally defective child turns out to be an evil genius:

The Israeli-American teenager behind hundreds of hoax bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the US reportedly earned millions of shekels’ worth of digital currency by selling counterfeit documents over the internet.
Police suspect the 18-year-old — whose name is sealed under gag order in Israel — sold forged identity cards, passports and driver’s licenses over both the internet and the dark net in exchange for bitcoins, a cryptocurrency often used in illicit transactions online, according to a Channel 2 report Thursday. . . .
Investigators are said to have have learned of his counterfeiting activity online after discovering millions of shekels’ worth of the digital currency in his bitcoin account, and are currently working to determine who purchased the forged documents, Channel 2 reported.

This is 21st-century parenting: Your mentally defective child is such a weirdo you couldn’t let him attend school, but yeah, just let him have unrestricted Internet access, because what could possibly go wrong?

Well, we could go off on another tangent about that — why do you think feminist Tumblr is such a hellhole of craziness, huh? — but the point here is that, contrary to liberals claiming that Trump’s election spawned a wave of anti-Semitic harassment, it was just this one teenage weirdo.



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