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Woman Gets 25 Years in Prison for Her Role in Florida Teen Sex-Slavery Case

Posted on | May 3, 2017 | Comments Off on Woman Gets 25 Years in Prison for Her Role in Florida Teen Sex-Slavery Case

Marie Johnson (left) and Rob Johnson (right).

Marie Johnson was sentenced last week to 25 years in prison for helping her husband keep a teenage orphan as their sex slave for five years.

The victim, apparently a relative, was 13 when her mother died and she was sent to live with Rob and Marie Johnson in Port St. Lucie, Florida:

She was told she had to have sex with the Johnsons to be accepted into their family, according to court records. The victim is now 22 and lives out of state.
Rob Johnson cited Old Testament references to men having multiple wives and he called her his second wife, according to testimony.
She was threatened with foster care, not allowed to use the phone and had to rehearse explanations to give if doctors asked about her sex life. She was home-schooled and not allowed out of the house, according to court records.
She escaped the house when she turned 18.

According to police documents, Marie Johnson pushed the girl against a wall and held her by her throat until the girl agreed to the couple’s sexual demands. The girl said she had to have sex with the couple twice a week. She was told to call Rob “master,” and was beaten when she didn’t follow the couple’s directions or complete her chores. In February, Rob Johnson, 46, was convicted by a jury on 87 counts of sexual battery on a child age 12 or older by a person with familial or custodial authority. Prosecutor Brandon White called it “one of the worst cases of sexual abuse ever to come into this courthouse.” Judge James McCann sentenced Rob Johnson to 87 consecutive life terms in prison.

According to testimony, Marie Johnson took the girl shopping at Wal-Mart to purchase matching negligees for them, and asked the girl what music she would like playing as she lost her virginity. Marie Johnson pleaded guilty to 88 counts — one charge more than her husband, to include a sexual encounter she had with the girl when her husband was not present — and provided corroborating testimony against her husband. Testifying by telephone at Marie Johnson’s sentencing, the victim, now 22, said: “Marie should have protected me like one of her own children. She did not do that at all. In fact, she did quite the opposite.”

The prosecutor recommended that Marie Johnson be sentenced to 12 years in prison and 20 years’ probation, saying, “It was pretty clear that Rob Johnson was the mastermind and brainwashed both the wife and the victim.” However, Judge McCann exceeded the prosecutor’s request, sentencing her to 25 years in prison and 25 years of sex-offender probation. Judge McCann noted that Marie Johnson had threatened to put the girl in foster care if she didn’t submit to the couple’s sexual demands. Marie Johnson’s participation in the abuse of the girl “was nothing short of complete,” the judge said. “That’s completely unforgivable. Even the brainwashing doesn’t excuse you.”



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