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Neo-Nazi Alt-Right Trump Supporter Commits Racist Terrorism in … SPAIN?

Posted on | August 17, 2017 | 1 Comment

Morocco native Driss Oukabir reportedly rented van used in attack.

In the wake of the pretzel-logic guilt-trip that blamed Republicans for Saturday’s deadly violence in Charlottesville, CNN will no doubt find some way to blame President Trump for the Barcelona attack:

Barcelona authorities released the identity of one of the terror suspects behind the deadly ISIS-inspired van attack. Driss Oukabir is suspected to have been involved in the attack amid reports a Spanish passport with an Arabic surname was found inside of the white van. . . .

More from the London Daily Mail:

At least 13 people have been killed and dozens injured in Barcelona after a van ploughed into pedestrians in a busy tourist street.
More than two hours after the atrocity a man was shot dead after driving through a roadblock in a Ford Focus and opening fire, injuring two police officers.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, describing the killers as ‘soldiers of the Islamic state’. Terror police have arrested two suspects.
One of them is believed to be Driss Oukabir, a Catalan resident in his late 20s of Moroccan origin. It is unclear who the second detained suspect is, but reports in Spain have suggested Oukabir’s brother has been taken into custody.
Oukabir, who has reportedly served time in a Spanish prison, had earlier rented one of the vans used in the deadly attack. The suspect is being treated ‘as a terrorist’, police in Barcelona have confirmed.

Do they have any statues of Robert E. Lee in Barcelona? Because we’ve been informed by the media (and by every pundit on Twitter) that Confederate monuments are a major cause of terrorism.

UPDATE: The Republican Party Rush Limbaugh Sons of Confederate Veterans ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack:

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack via its Amaq agency, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.
A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil, Spain’s national police force, told ABC News the man who rented the van has been identified as Driss Oukabir. It is unclear if he is connected to the attack.
An eyewitness told a Spanish television station that the suspect was running people over in his van for nearly 1,000 feet before fleeing into a nearby Turkish restaurant. . . .
According to police, a car hit a police checkpoint at Avinguda Diagonal, a popular shopping avenue in the city. The area was evacuated and police are investigating if the incident is connected to the Las Ramblas attack. Police confirmed that one person was shot and killed in that incident, but they have still not confirmed if there is any connection between this incident and the attack in Las Ramblas. Two police officers were injured in the checkpoint incident.
Las Ramblas is a popular tourist area in Spain’s second-largest city. . . .

These right-wing terrorist Trump supporters are everywhere!




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