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UPDATE: Karolina Giers Has Ended Her Online Fundraiser for Breast Amputation

Posted on | December 19, 2017 | 1 Comment


Karolina Giers is a university student who for five years has run a Tumblr blog called “Can’t Control the Gay.” She had long identified as a lesbian, but in October, she posted a fundraising appeal for £9,000 (about $12,000) on GoFundMe in order to pay for “top surgery” (mastectomy):

I can’t stand looking like this and feeling like I‘m trapped in the wrong body. It’s unbearable. I can expect that my very homophobic parents will cut me off completely if they ever find out so I want to start collecting money now and just make sure that when I will live on my own and make my own money for food and a place to live in I will be finally able to transition and start living because what I’m doing now isn’t living it’s more like surviving and I think that life is about more than just surviving. I feel sick when I start thinking about the fact that I’ve already wasted 20 years of my life. Please help by donating even just 1 pound. It will mean the world to me.

This fundraiser caught my attention (“Karolina Giers Wants You to Give Her $12,000 to Get Her Breasts Amputated,” Oct. 10) because it seemed like a classic case of “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” in which adolescents suddenly become obsessed with transgenderism after weeks of browsing the subject online. Her assertion that she has “already wasted 20 years of my life” because she is “trapped in the wrong body,” along with the reference to her “very homophobic parents,” suggested she has problems that are unlikely to be solved by surgery and hormones. Her online fundraising effort was not a success — she ended it after raising only about $200 — so her fantasy of “transition” won’t be happening, at least not soon, and perhaps she’ll reconsider her options.

Meanwhile, however, she is freaking out:


Having belatedly discovered my October article about her fundraiser, Ms. Giers got all sorts of bad advice from her Tumblr followers, including some who suggested I could be sued for defamation simply because I had reported — factually and accurately — about her public activity.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand that blogging is publishing. Quoting what you write on your blog is not “harassment,” and it’s certainly not defamation. Especially if you are engaged in online arguments about controversial topics (e.g., transgenderism), you should expect criticism from people who disagree with you. Making a public appeal for $12,000 to pay for your mastectomy? Well, that’s newsworthy, considering how transgenderism has made headlines lately:

Lessons in transgender issues for all primary pupils
London Times, Dec. 19

Transgender woman suing Allegheny County Jail
opens up about struggles, acceptance

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Dec. 17

Why CBC cancelled a BBC documentary
that activists claimed was ‘transphobic’

National Post, Dec. 13

Here’s an item from the London Daily Mail you might have missed:

Adolescent boys who think they are girls are having their sperm frozen by the NHS before they undergo gender reassignment treatment so they can father children after they change sex. . . .
The health service is also storing the eggs of teenage girls who are taking male hormones so they can give birth after they become men.
These ‘services’ are being offered to boys as young as 12 and girls aged 16 and over. . . .
None of this comes cheap. Egg-freezing costs £4,000 for one cycle and around £300 a year for storage. The price of preserving sperm is around £400, plus £300 a year to keep it frozen. . . .
We keep being told that the NHS is in permanent financial crisis. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for crackpot transgender fertility treatments when some patients face an interminable wait for operations to alleviate painful, commonplace conditions, such as cataracts and hip replacements?

Transgenderism has become a matter of public policy. Trying to meet the demands of transgender activists is difficult, because no sooner has one concession been made than they come back with new demands. So when a blogger who has spent five years advertising herself as a lesbian suddenly announces she’s transgender, and publishes a request for donations to pay for her “top surgery,” this is newsworthy.

Crazy people never anticipate the consequences of their craziness. And this desperate appeal from Ms. Giers — “help me get rid of it please” — indicates her own bad judgment in failing to consider the consequences that might result from her public fundraising campaign. Some of her idiotic readers sent me emails accusing me of being a bad person, deficient in human sympathy. However, I do not consider it kindness to encourage fools in their folly, which is what The Transgender Cult does.

Democracy, it has been said, means that everyone has a right to go to Hell in the time and manner of their own choosing. Far be it from me to infringe anyone’s basic liberty in this regard. However, you cannot require me to approve of your foolish behavior, nor can you prohibit me from criticizing those who encourage such folly. It’s not illegal to quote those who claim “transition” is a panacea for their feelings of being “trapped in the wrong body.” As I said in October:

What Karolina Giers has been doing — cocooning within an online clique of weirdos — has in all likelihood exacerbated whatever problems she had when she first started her Tumblr blog five years ago. . . . Forgive me for being so blunt about this problem, but there’s obviously a reason for the “epidemic” of anxiety and depression among young women: THE INTERNET IS MAKING THEM CRAZY!
And guess what? A mastectomy won’t cure craziness.

Like I keep saying, people need to wake the hell up.



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