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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Gorilla Is Correct

Posted on | December 21, 2017 | Comments Off on The Gorilla Is Correct

Oregon Muse’s “Morning Rant” at AoSHQ:

“It’s pretty funny when feminists stamp their feet and demand their safe spaces from guys whistling and catcalling them, because they’re not telling you what they really want. What they really want is not to be whistled at and catcalled by unattractive guys. In other words, they want a world where they can flirt and sexually banter with alpha male sports stars and multi-millionaires, but the lowly office geek who dares ask any of them out on a date will feel the full force of the law landing on them.”

If you want to understand human behavior, you must pay less attention to what people say and pay more attention to what they do.

A common complaint women make is that men are “superficial” in their judgment of women, placing a premium on beauty above all else. This is generally true, and I’ve tried to warn guys about the “pretty poison” problem, where they’ll put up with anything a woman does, as long as she’s good-looking. However, women are also quite generally superficial, but they don’t like to admit it. Women are seldom confronted about their own biases, because men have nothing to gain from such confrontations. A man can only damage his reputation — “What’s his problem?” — if he openly complains to women about their behavior, so most men wisely bite their tongues. The whole point of the feminist movement is to mobilize women’s complaints as a political ideology, and any man who objects to this is condemned as a “sexist,” but guys that stupid. We understand that feminism is basically a hustle, a scam, a fraudulent attempt to disguise petty grievances in “social justice” rhetoric.

Consider the case of Matt Lauer. His public image was as one of the “good guys,” a liberal in good standing, beloved by millions of adoring female viewers — and yet he was a serial harasser, a guy who had a “rape button” installed in his desk so he could lock his office door by remote control whenever he wanted to get jiggy with a female colleague. How many years did this go on, and why did no one at NBC complain? Because he was high status, that’s why. Whatever women might say about Lauer now that he’s been exposed, at the time all these shenanigans were going on, women at NBC were quite flattered to have Lauer make a move on them. A handsome multimillionaire TV star? You know the interns who fetched his coffee were bragging to their friends if Lauer ever flirted with them.

Women are very status-conscious and eager to be associated with whoever or whatever is considered “popular” among their peers. So when it was popular to flirt with Matt Lauer, he probably could have slept with any woman at 30 Rock who caught his eye. But then Hillary lost the election to Trump, and suddenly the wheel turned. It was now popular to destroy powerful men’s careers, and Lauer became one of the dozens sacrificed in the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse.

Look, I don’t have any particular sympathy for Matt Lauer, but you know he’s got to be mystified by how suddenly the wheel turned. It wasn’t as if he was Harvey Weinstein, a repulsive fat swine inviting actresses to his hotel room and molesting them. Lauer probably didn’t even have to try to get laid at NBC — the women were chasing him. But once the #MeToo hashtag went viral, and reporters started sniffing around for high-profile guys with a history of “inappropriate” sexual behavior, it was like a slow fuse burning toward an inevitable explosion, and Matt Lauer was a powder keg. All shades of gray within the spectrum of “inappropriate” behavior ceased to matter in the witch-hunt climate of hysteria, and Lauer was branded a loathsome predator, cast into outer darkness.

Pay attention to what people do and stop being misled by what they say. You can learn some valuable lessons, if you’ll pay attention.



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