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The Transgender Victimhood Narrative Continues to Sustain Damage

Posted on | March 4, 2018 | 3 Comments


On Feb. 6, the Buffalo News reported:

A 35-year-old man was fatally shot on Tuesday in the 100 block of Shepard Street, near Pullman Place, Buffalo police said.
The killing is Buffalo’s first confirmed homicide of the year. In 2017, three people were killed on New Year’s Day.
The Shepard Street victim had no permanent address, according to police. He was struck by gunfire just before 5:30 p.m. and declared dead at the scene, Buffalo Police spokesman Michael J. DeGeorge said.
Police have not released the man’s name.

The dead man was later identified as transgender — Tonya “Kita” Harvey — and the district attorney said the murder was being investigated as a possible “hate crime,” although police have arrested no suspects in the shooting and the motive is still unknown. Shepard Street is in a low-income neighborhood on the city’s East Side, where most of Buffalo’s murders happen. There were 41 criminal homicides in Buffalo last year. Less than two weeks after Harvey was murdered on Shepard Street, a 19-year-old man was critically wounded near the same location, and no motive was reported. In other words, it seems likely that “Kita” Harvey just happened to be in a crime-ridden location where it isn’t very unusual for people to get shot. Stories like this contradict the preferred media narrative, as I explained last year:

According to “social justice” advocates, there is an epidemic of anti-transgender violence for which Donald Trump and Republicans are to blame. The only thing wrong with that claim is the complete lack of evidence to support it. LGBT activists and liberal journalists keep calling attention to the murders of “Transgender Women of Color,” and the facts continue contradicting the social-justice narrative.

The East Side of Buffalo voted for Hillary Clinton by a 4-to-1 margin in 2016, and there probably weren’t any Trump voters in the vicinity of Shepard Street when “Kita” Harvey got shot. The same could be said of Cleveland’s West 112th Street:

The victim of a deadly shooting Friday evening [Feb. 23] in the Edgewater neighborhood has been identified.
The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner said the victim is Phylicia Mitchell, 46, of Cleveland. Mitchell was transgender and police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia said Mitchell identified as a female.
Mitchell was shot about 6 p.m. Friday on West 112th Street near Detroit Avenue, Ciaccia said.
Mitchell was pronounced dead MetroHealth Medical Center.
No arrests have been made in the shooting, which remains under investigation.

There were 130 murders in Cleveland last year, including the December murder of Jared Plesec, who was shot dead on East 156th Street while wearing his Salvation Army uniform and carrying a Bible. Police say Plesec’s murder was part of a crime spree by William T. Jones, 27, who was charged with aggravated murder, seven counts of attempted murder, multiple counts of aggravated robbery, felonious assault, burglary, grand theft and vandalism. Getting murdered in Cleveland isn’t really difficult, even for Bible-toting Christians, but longtime boyfriend Shane Mitchell admitted Phylicia’s lifestyle was unusually risky:

Mitchell said he helped Phylicia stop being a prostitute and she’d help him whenever he needed some money for bus fare. They were homeless at times and bounced around from place to place . . .
Phylicia and Shane Mitchell struggled to find work because of their addiction to drugs, he said. Shane Mitchell has several drug-related convictions dating back to 1997. He said they often used drugs together and split up for a time when he was in prison.
Shane Mitchell said he tried to talk Phylicia out of using drugs, and the two argued about it two weeks ago. He told her he could no longer live in an environment with someone using drugs, and the two separated.
“We should have never started doing drugs together,” Mitchell said. “We’d have both had an even better life than we already did.”

A drug-addicted ex-prostitute whose boyfriend served time in prison? That’s a dangerous way to live, and an easy way to die, but the media wants to tell us a tale of transgender victimhood that requires us to ignore such obvious risk factors. It’s hate — transphobia! — which must explain these deaths, because any other explanation wouldn’t fit the narrative.

Here’s a story from WJXT in Jacksonville, Fla.:

An individual from Brandon, Florida, was found dead from a gunshot wound in Jacksonville hotel Sunday evening [Feb. 4].
According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Cedric DeVonne Walker, 36, was found in a room at the Extended Stay America on Skinner Lake Drive, near the St. Johns Town Center, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
Homicide detectives were called to investigate after the body was found about 8 p.m. Sunday. . . .
In the last six months, there had been six assaults, seven vehicle thefts, 11 vehicle burglaries and 29 thefts within one half mile of the Extended Stay America, according to JSO’s online crime-mapping data.

Cedric Walker was transgender and preferred to be known as “Celine,” so while police were trying to figure out who killed him/“her,” activists were upset about the “misgendering” of the victim:

After authorities in Jacksonville Florida identify transgender murder victim Celine Walker by her deadname earlier this month, the transgender advocacy group T.A.P. (Transgender Awareness Project) is calling for policy change in the way transgender people are identified by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department. . . .
To not identify murder victims as transgender hampers the authorities ability to solve these murders and properly notify the family of their loved one’s death
T.A.P and the Jacksonville community gathered at Friendship Fountain Saturday, February 10th to remember her life and to bring awareness to what they call misgendering of transgender people. . . .
Transactivist Paige Mahogany Parks says “I’m here to be the voice for her and all of the rest of the transgender women who don’t have a voice that have been murdered.”

Police must now ignore biology, or else be accused of “hate”? And why do “transactivists” think they’re qualified to declare what does or does not hamper the ability of authorities to solve murder cases?

Meanwhile, in California:

Authorities have charged a Los Angeles man with the stabbing death and attempted robbery of a transgender woman whose body was found after a house fire in the Pico-Union district.
Kevyn Ramirez is facing charges of murder during the commission of an attempted first-degree robbery, as well as two counts of arson.
He is accused of killing Victoria “Viccky” Ramos Gutierrez. Investigators say he met the transgender woman online, then early on Jan. 10 he allegedly stabbed her and set her home on fire in the 1700 block of South New Hampshire Avenue.
Ramirez, 29, was arrested within two days of the fire and then charged on [Jan. 16]. . . .
Members of the transgender community stood with law enforcement at the press conference announcing the latest details on the case.
“Every time a lot of community members are murdered senselessly, it’s always something else — it’s always a robbery, it’s always domestic violence,” said Maria Roman, an advocate for the transgender community. “For somebody to stab you and do the things detectives said happened to her, you know it’s fueled by hate.

Ramirez kills Gutierrez, and “you know it’s fueled by hate,” because that’s the narrative. Everything must have a political explanation that conforms to the “social justice” ideology where Gutierrez is a victim of oppression and Ramirez must be part of a right-wing genocidal plot. It can’t be that people who go trolling for companionship on the Internet are dangerous fools, because where’s the “social justice” angle in that explanation?

“Kita” Harvey, Phylicia Mitchell, Celine Walker, “Viccky” Gutierrez — so far, none of these murders fit the victimhood narrative in which “transphobia” is a Trump-era epidemic. None of these crimes could plausibly be blamed on Republicans, but meanwhile in Albuquerque:

A New Mexico man has been arrested in the death of a prominent former Albuquerque lawyer and his roommate, PEOPLE confirms.
James Knight, 32, also known as Charles Spiess, was charged with two counts of murder Wednesday in the slayings of Eugene Carrell Ray, 70, and 28-year-old Zakaria Fry.
The bodies of Ray, a former assistant attorney general who later opened up a family law practice, and Fry, the transgender woman who rented a room from him, were discovered Feb. 19 in Stanley, a small community about 45 miles east of Albuquerque. . . .
The working theory is that they were all living together, [Albuquerque police officer Simon] Drobnik says. “[Knight] may have been renting a room from Eugene,” says Drobik. “[Eugene] was known to have people stay at his house off the street.”
The motive remains unclear, he says. . . .
Drobik says investigators allege that after Knight killed the two roommates, he stole Ray’s 2000 silver Ford Mustang and used his credit card to buy McDonald’s fast food, dog food as well as duct tape, rope, garbage bags, gloves, Coleman fuel and cleaning supplies, which were “basically used to clean up the bodies and blood.” . . .
Also found in the house were several hypodermic needles and a pile of a white powdery substance on the living room floor.
Ray’s daughter told police that Ray was “involved in a high risk sexual lifestyle in which he befriends unknown persons involved in similar activities,” and that he “routinely allowed persons to stay in his spare bedroom and has been a victim of several property type crimes mostly fraud,” the complaint states.
Police set their sights on Knight after several tipsters identified him as the man seen on video footage purchasing items using Ray’s credit card at Walmart.
One tipster told police that Knight had worked as a male dancer at one of the strip clubs in the Albuquerque area.

So, the freaky 70-year-old retired lawyer with “a high risk sexual lifestyle” has a 28-year-old transgender houseguest, and a 32-year-old male stripper is charged with killing both of them. How does this fit into the transgender victimhood narrative? Not very well, I think.

Nevertheless, “Fry is the sixth known case of deadly anti-transgender violence in the U.S. this year,” according to an LGBT activist group, which doesn’t seem interested in any further analysis. They’re just doing the body count, because “you know it’s fueled by hate,” right?





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