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Disgusting ‘Trans Lesbian’ Exposed

Posted on | March 10, 2018 | 2 Comments


Last month, I highlighted Cynthia Yockey’s discussion of autogynephilia:

Autogynephilia is a self-induced, chronic, progressive disorder . . .
Sexual fetishes occur almost exclusively in men, and men who have one sexual fetish usually have several . . .

This kind of “transgenderism” is actually a fetish, a perverse obsession which is an acquired psychological disorder. No one is “born that way,” and extending to such people recognition as members of an identity group in a “civil rights” context is very dangerous. A libertarian might stipulate that most fetishists are harmless, and the Supreme Court’s “emerging awareness” doctrine (Lawrence v. Texas, 2013) almost certainly extends to freaky perverts, who cannot be subjected to criminal prosecution on the basis of whatever weird things they do in the privacy of their basement BDSM dungeons. However, even the most fanatical libertarian might pause when considering the possibility of a middle-aged weirdo with all kinds of bizarre fetishes identifying as female as a way to gain access to unsuspecting women and girls.

“Doxxing” is bad. “Doxxing” is wrong. Let me just enter that caveat here, because I have been targeted by harassment in the past, in a “SWATting” case that sent a criminal hacker to federal prison. Because I do not approve of “doxxing,” I had to think twice before reporting on the case of “trans lesbian” Tumblr blogger “sammyrey42.”


A self-described “neo-pagan, neo-anarchist,” this person seems to have been quite busy on the #girlslikeus Twitter hashtag, and also enjoyed posting selfies to “her” Tumblr account. It was one of these selfies which caught the eye of a feminist on Tumblr who noticed that “Sammy” appeared to have taken the photo in the bedroom of a teenage girl whose name was visible on the wall behind “Sammy.” This aroused curiosity and it was discovered that “Sammy” is actually a 44-year-old Indiana man named Steven, whose step-daughter is a high school student with the same name that was visible on the bedroom wall in that selfie.


Some content from “Sammy”/Steven’s Tumblr had been screencapped:


When confronted on Tumblr, “Sammy”/Steven responded: “F– your dead grandma,” and declared: “I owe little anti trans bitches no explanation or apologies. F–k off and die.” He/“she” then changed his/“her” profile to a slogan against “TERFs” (trans exclusive radical feminists).


Steven also had a WordPress blog with short stories expressing weird sexual fantasies that involved kidnapping and murder.

So this is the neo-pagan, neo-anarchist trans lesbian submissive slut who seeks “civil rights” as a member of the “transgender community” and, while perhaps “Sammy”/Steven is not typical, how many depraved autogynephile fetishists are there within the “transgender community”?





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