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‘Social Justice’ Indoctrination Is Now Mandatory for Future K-12 Teachers

Posted on | March 20, 2018 | Comments Off on ‘Social Justice’ Indoctrination Is Now Mandatory for Future K-12 Teachers

What is “social justice”? Nobel Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek famously called it a mirage, a delusion of an impossible “equality.” This radical ideology has become the agenda of the Democrat Party in the 21st century, however, and because Democrats control the education system, indoctrination into “social justice” ideology has become mandatory in university teacher-training programs:

Two education professors recently argued that aspiring K-12 teachers who hold conservative views and resist social justice theories may not be qualified to work with children.
Erin Miller and Tehia Stark-Glass, both professors at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, advanced the case in a March 8 article in the journal The New Educator entitled “The Maintenance of Whiteness in Urban Education,” expressing concerns that white conservative teachers will be unable to effectively teach minorities if they do not thoroughly internalize social justice.
The professors assert that some white students in their elementary education diversity classes have “impervious dispositions that would likely not qualify them to work with diverse children,” as evidenced by the fact that those who struggled most with the course content tended to “think they were being indoctrinated into Anti-American values.” . . .
“It would be difficult to know whether the experiences the preservice teachers shared through their life stories — experiences that highlighted how they held on to conservative values, experienced marginalization, and interpreted violent acts — directly contributed to their inability to successfully demonstrate mastery of the course goals and objectives,” Miller and Stark-Glass remark, adding that “for these preservice teachers, their whiteness seemed to congeal when they perceived the course material as un-American, in contrast with their conservatism.”
In their conclusion, the professors concede that many students don’t agree with their social justice theories on diversity and racism, saying they wish to better understand “why they feel so threatened by diversity,” albeit “not because we should be concerned about the discomfort of whites when discussing race and racism, but because we should be concerned about what will happen to children of color if we do not.” . . .

You can read the whole thing. These professors are employed at taxpayer expense to teach young white people to hate themselves, because white people are “privileged” and therefore deserve to be hated, according the prevailing academic ideology of social justice.

Parents and taxpayers need to be aware of what is being taught by the Democrats who control America’s universities and K-12 public schools.



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