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‘Florida Woman,’ a Recurring Headline

Posted on | March 28, 2018 | Comments Off on ‘Florida Woman,’ a Recurring Headline


It seems that every weird story is datelined from Florida:

A woman in Leesburg, Fla., was arrested on incest charges on Friday after genetic tests performed on her baby revealed that her brother was the father, deputies said.
According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Pauline Martin, 33, gave birth to her baby on Nov. 21 and the child suffered severe medical complications hours after its birth.
The infant was transferred to another hospital and genetic testing was done, which showed that the child’s father was “a close relative,” the arrest report states.
Deputies and officials with the Florida Department of Children and Families started an investigation when neither parent filled out proper Medicaid paperwork for the child, filed for a birth certificate, or moved the baby into a home for “medically complex children,” the arrest report states.
Martin did not finish the paperwork until February, according to the report. She told deputies that she moved to Florida about three years ago with her brother and that they lived together as a couple. She also said she has a 12-year-old daughter with another man.
Deputies later interviewed Martin at a McDonald’s, where she worked. She told deputies that she had a “romantic and sexual relationship” with her brother for about five years but was going to end the relationship “because she knew it was wrong” and that she was seeing another man, the report states.
Martin also admitted to deputies that her brother was the father of the child, that she had “sexual relations” with him the night before, and that her brother knew he was the father, according to the report.
Once deputies found probable cause to arrest Martin, she tried to flee toward the back of the restaurant. Deputies contained Martin at the door and put her into the patrol vehicle, where she spit, cursed, and tried to kick detectives, according to the report.
Martin was taken to the Lake County Jail and released on March 24 after posting a $3,000 bond, according to court records. She has another court hearing scheduled for April 16.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, deputies are trying to contact the brother but have not found him.

The baby’s father and mother are also the baby’s uncle and aunt, and therefore the family tree doesn’t fork. Because, hey, it’s Florida.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)



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