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The Parental Trump

Posted on | May 19, 2018 | Comments Off on The Parental Trump

by Smitty

I wear my conscience on my sleeve. When made sincerely aware of offense given, fixing the problem now, Now, NOW! is an imperative to me. As a child, Dad would send me to my room to stew over my indiscretion for a while, prior to summoning me for discipline. As a father, I get that he was cooling off before switching roles to Judge, but the dread of the discipline almost made the discipline an afterthought. Almost.

Thus, the rolling out of the IG Report may be a study in parenting-as-politics. Swift justice is a Good Thing. But in politics, especially at the national level, swift justice would have permitted Her Majesty and the Thralls to make the discussion about Vengeful McHitlerTrump, and not about the fact that the Left had tried to run the country like a banana republic.

On Twitter, Stealth Jeff is a fascinating tweep:

No idea who this guy is, where he’s sourced, or his batting average. But he has the ring of truth about his threads.
Roger Simon observes:

Whether Barack Obama himself will be looped definitively into the IG’s report, we don’t know at this time. But we all know where the fish rots from and we also know that Obama, despite his denials, knew well that Hilary was using an illegal server. He wrote her there himself under an assumed name, showing he was only slightly more computer savvy than John Podesta.

These next few weeks are going to be among the most interesting in our lifetimes — especially for our friends in the press. We know from the NYT earlier this week they are preparing their excuses. Let’s hope they don’t have enough.

Stealth Jeff says be prepared for a longer wait:

As with dad sending me to the room, the psychology at work (beside the mid-term jockeying) has the effect of allowing more of the detail to leak out. The Bad Guys get to punish themselves. As with so much of the Trump Deal, this is not how I’d do it. But, then, I don’t have the stomach or talent to win the Presidency. So I’m left to admire the results.


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