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Trump Titanium
Testicle Territory
Treads Triumphantly

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Testicle Territory
Treads Triumphantly

by Smitty

Having lived on the edge of the Beltway Singularity nearly two decades, there is a unique perspective that one can bring. Around the 2006 election that put Princess Pelosi in as Screecher of the House, there was a growing concern about whether there was something Really, Truly Wrong in the U.S. I saw an Instapundit link on Slashdot, which led me to Stacy McCain.

2008 ushered in #OccupiedResoluteDesk, and his famous “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Apologists can try to spin that as some positive sentiment. The behavior of Democrats in the years 2006-2016 belies any effort to walk Obama back: they seriously thought they had the whole thing gamed, across all branches of the government and media.

2009 saw the Tea Party uprising. It’s with some satisfaction that one recalls the excitement of being an engaged citizen (“activist” is a nebulous Commie insult), culminating in the Tax Day Tea Party on the Mall. There is a clip of me asking Andrew Breitbard a question that made the “Hating Breitbart” documentary. Uncredited; don’t care; doesn’t matter.

Conspicuous in his absence around this time was Donald Trump. Scroll forward to 2016, and his non-support of Tea Parties meant that I had a hard time taking him seriously. I was a Cruz guy, and still support him fully. Trump, in my estimation (possibly I helped him in this) was a wrecking ball to split the Right. If DJT took the nomination in Cleveland, then Gloria Allread and the Bimbo Bombers would begin explosive landscaping in earnest. Or the TrumpU lawsuits, or some other noise would take him out. He was Mitt Romney without the Ward Cleaver charm. A strange fusion of Archie Bunker, Billie Mays, and Tommy Boy.

Along comes Conrad Blacks little 213 page treatment of Trump, which I just finishied reading:
This is the part where I eat some crow. The book starts with a biographical sketch. Trump is the embodiment of Protestant Work Ethic. In his younger days, Trump was something of a reckless risk-taker, and nearly suffered a total wing-meltdown getting his Icarus on with the casinos.

Trump was always politically curious, and seems to have viewed politics as another market and set of incentives to master. He did the reality-TV think with The Apprentice (I’ve seen perhaps half an episode) and did the homework. Which Her Majesty was far too cool to do, obviously.

Always considering myself more Tea Party than GOP, all I can say is three cheers for Donald. Black’s book offers a useful summary of both the campaign and the skullduggery of the Deep State through Spring, 2018.

The thing that bothers me about Trump is that, yes: we need thir virtuouso NOW. However, virtuosos are a Highlander lot. If we ejoy another 6 years of Trump, and then have to endure another Deep State tool like the predecessor, then Trump shall have seemed an exercise in delaying our decline at best. What do we do for a Keep America Great encore?


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