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Notorious Cyberstalker Deborah Frisch Is Out of Jail, and Cyberstalking Again

Posted on | July 9, 2018 | 1 Comment

Deborah Ellen Frisch, Ph.D., after her Jan. 5 arrest in Bend, Oregon.

“While I am not qualified to make a professional diagnosis, it has long been my personal opinion that Doctor Frisch is deranged, demented, bonkers, wacky, off her rocker, and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”
Robert Stacy McCain, Sept. 24, 2016

When last we had occasion to notice the ongoing legal problems of former psychology professor Deborah Ellen Frisch, Ph.D., it was January and she jailed was in Oregon, awaiting extradition to Colorado, where she faced charges related to her ongoing harassment of Jeff Goldstein.

Longtime readers are familiar with Dr. Frisch, whose notorious career I will summarize briefly for anyone who’s never heard of her: Dr. Frisch was a tenure-track professor at the University of Oregon who was denied tenure, and subsequently joined the University of Arizona as an adjunct instructor. In 2006, Dr. Frisch began posting hostile comments at Goldstein’s Protein Wisdom blog. Some of these comments appeared to threaten Goldstein’s young children. When her identity was discovered, Dr. Frisch lost her university job and, apparently, developed an obsession with destroying Goldstein. In the past 12 years, Dr. Frisch has periodically engaged in online harassment of Goldstein, and has also had other legal problems as a result of her antisocial behaviors.

Dr. Frisch’s mental illness manifests itself in fixations and compulsive behavior, rooted in a false sense of victimhood that resembles the delusions of persecution typical of paranoid schizophrenics. When her harassing behavior results in predictable problems, Dr. Frisch imagines that she is a victim of her “enemies,” the list of which continues growing as she adds the names of judges, police and others whose jobs have required them to intervene in her case. Because she refuses to accept responsibility — to admit that she is the cause of her own problems — Dr. Frisch must scapegoat others, in a way similar to a syndrome called DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender).

A few years ago, my name somehow got added to Dr. Frisch’s enemies list and she began to CC me on the emails full of lunatic ravings she would send out to lists of various people, some of whom would reply to me asking basically, “Who the hell is this psycho woman?”

After about four months in a Colorado jail, Dr. Frisch was reportedly transferred to psychiatric care last month and then, for some unfathomable reason, turned loose. It appears she immediately got back on the Internet and resumed her harassing behavior, including an email to me (CC’d to 18 other people) accusing me of “a hate crime inciting violence” against her. To this I replied to the entire CC’d list:

To Whom It May Concern:
Deborah Frisch is a mentally ill criminal who, to my knowledge, is currently out on bond while awaiting trial on charges in Colorado.
Her communications with you are part of a pattern of harassing behavior that has gone on for a dozen years. In 2006, Frisch lost her job as an adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona as a result of her harassment of blogger Jeff Goldstein and his family. Since then, Frisch has repeatedly had incidents that landed her in trouble with the law. Last year, while wanted on warrants in Colorado, Frisch fled to Oregon, where she was arrested in January.
Frisch’s mental illness seems to involve a sort of psychological reversal (similar to what what psychologists have called DARVO) in which she imagines that she is the victim of wrongdoing, rather than the perpetrator.
It goes without saying that Frisch’s slanders of me and others are false, and may constitute violation of her bond conditions. Obviously, I have never incited violence against Frisch. I am BCC’ing this message to someone who may be able to report her harassing behavior to the proper authorities.
My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by Frisch’s behavior. She hates me because I’ve occasionally reported on her harassment of Goldstein and others. She has apparently emailed you in an attempt to garner sympathy for herself, and CC’d me in an effort to cause me emotional distress.
Robert Stacy McCain

Since sending that email this morning, I’ve learned that Dr. Frisch has apparently been found guilty by a court in Weld County, Colorado, and awaits sentencing at a hearing scheduled for October. As I consider the emails she CC’d to me to constitute criminal harassment, the thought has crossed my mind that I might contact law enforcement in Colorado to see if new charges could be filed against Dr. Frisch. After all, if she is trying to inflict emotional distress on me by these slanderous communications falsely accusing me of “hate crime,” isn’t it my duty as a citizen to make law enforcement aware of this? But as I say, I merely BCC’d the email “to someone who may be able to report her . . . to the proper authorities,” and I strongly suspect that Dr. Frisch will soon be back in jail.

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