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Steven Crowder Confronts Transgender ‘Antifa’ Radical in Austin, Texas: VIDEO

Posted on | July 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Steven Crowder Confronts Transgender ‘Antifa’ Radical in Austin, Texas: VIDEO

Celine Camille Zinante has apparently undergone sex-change treatment to become “Cameron” Zinante and may be associated with a Communist “antifa” group called the Revolutionary Student Front. Zinante was working at a Juiceland franchise in Austin and, also, threatening violence against popular conservative personality Steven Crowder. This inspired Crowder to take a trip to Austin for a surprise visit with Zinante:


Notice that the video blurs identifying information about this person who, among other things, claims responsibility for defacing a statue of Robert E. Lee on the University of Texas campus. It would be a very bad thing if anyone were to threaten violence against “Cameron” Zinante.

It appears that she/“he” has deleted all her/“his” online accounts and, since Crowder provided police with evidence of her/“his” criminal threats, perhaps she/“he” is now trying to keep a low profile. That would be the first smart thing she/“he” has done in a while.

Hey, kids: Don’t be a transgender Commie.

Also, never threaten Steven Crowder.



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