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Pro-Trump Jewish CUNY Professor Says He’s Targeted by ‘Progressive’ Faculty

Posted on | September 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Pro-Trump Jewish CUNY Professor Says He’s Targeted by ‘Progressive’ Faculty

Anti-Israel protesters at CUNY.

Two years ago, there was a lawsuit claiming anti-Jewish bias in hiring at CUNY’s Kingsborough campus, and now the “progressive” campus mob is targeting Jewish faculty again:

A City University of New York (CUNY) administrator is demanding that the school protect him from a “coordinated harassment and discrimination campaign” that has left him “fearing for his life.”
In a demand letter sent to the chancellor of the CUNY system Thursday, Michael Goldstein claims he has experienced “targeted harassment and discrimination” while working at the CUNY Kingsborough Community College (KCC) for being an “outwardly observant Jew and Zionist” as well as a public supporter of President Trump. . . .
The demand letter, addressed to CUNY Interim Chancellor Vita Rabinowitz, takes issue with what it describes as an “ongoing discrimination campaign” against Goldstein, who is both an administrator and an adjunct professor of communications and government relations.
Goldstein, who has worked at KCC for over 20 years, says he has been harassed and targeted since February by members of an unsanctioned group of KCC faculty known as the Progressive Faculty Caucus (PFC), according to the letter.
“Over the past year alone, Jewish faculty and staff members have filed five internal complaints against the PFC with CUNY administrators,” the letter states.
“There have also been two federal EEOC complaints filed related to anti-Semitism by members of the PFC,” it adds, noting that the PFC “has also been accused of regularly, actively, and illegally lobbying against ‘non-progressive’ faculty members for various positions and employment roles on campus, including elected positions.” . . .
Campus Reform originally reported on the initial harassment of Goldstein in February, when unknown perpetrators wrote anti-Semitic and anti-Trump messages on a photograph that was posted on a bulletin board outside of Goldstein’s office.
The message, “F**k Trump Goldstein. Kill Zionist Entity,” was written on an image of Goldstein’s late father and former president of Kingsborough Community College, Leon M. Goldstein. None of the other images of other former faculty members on the board were touched. . . .
The letter identifies one woman, sociology professor Katia Perea, as a “leader” of PFC who allegedly made several attempts to get Goldstein fired for his views despite having never met him before. Perea allegedly filed numerous complaints with KCC Human Resources and Chief Diversity Office about Goldstein, accusing him of being “anti-Muslim”, “pro-slavery”, “anti-trans”, and “anti-gay.”

Read the whole thing. This is a story that highlights why the Left’s smear of Trump’s supporters as “fascists” or “Nazis” is so misguided. This insult implies that Trump is an agent of anti-Semitic authoritarianism, but where do we find anti-Semites using intimidation tactics today? On college campuses, where the Jew-haters are “progressives.”

There are a lot more pro-Trump Jews than some people might imagine, and when you look at the politics of the Left nowadays, it’s surprising that more Jews don’t recognize how soon they might be confronted by the kind of danger that Michael Goldstein is facing at CUNY-KCC.



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