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At the Edge of the Abyss

Posted on | October 3, 2018 | 1 Comment


When you are a professional trafficker in politically incorrect thoughts — which is about the best description of my trade I can come up with — a certain amount of caution is necessary to the craft. It’s a tightrope act, and you’re walking a wire suspended high above a dark abyss. Having seen a few friends go over the edge into that vast chasm of despair and paranoia, I sometimes have to step back and engage in self-evaluation, to take an inventory of my mind and moods, to reassure myself that I haven’t turned into some caricature of a “hater.”

The future Ambassador to Vanuatu can’t surrender to madness. It would be beneath my diplomatic dignity to become a raving tinfoil-hat kook.

There is also the problem of avoiding guilt-by-association smears. How weird is it that I’ve quoted dozens of radical feminists at this blog, but no one ever accuses me of feminism, whereas if I were to quote Jared Taylor, this would instantly be seized on as evidence of my racism? The shadow of suspicion that inevitably hovers over any conservative — we are perpetually suspected of Wrongthink — has the unfortunate effect of causing many conservative journalists to tiptoe carefully through the ideological minefields, citing only “respectable” sources, lest they give ammunition to their enemies. Nevertheless . . .

Vox Day links the ZMan who links an American Renaissance article:

Professor George Hawley of the University of Alabama is one of the more objective political analysts working today, and one of the few who correctly predicted Donald Trump would win in 2016. His book Right Wing Critics of American Conservatism is a serious examination of conservative thought outside the boundaries of Conservatism Inc., and his more recent Making Sense of the Alt-Right is much closer to the mark than junk rushed into print, such as Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies. White advocates should therefore listen to Professor Hawley even if some of his message seems like bad news.
Professor Hawley recently published “The Demography of the Alt-Right” for the Institute for Family Studies, and his research is both a “black pill” and a “white pill.” He estimates only about 6 percent of white Americans agree with all three attitudes that he says indicate support for “white identity politics.” Furthermore, these 6 percent tend to be relatively less educated and badly paid. However, even just 6 percent amounts to millions of white Americans.

Now, the phrase “white advocates” here raises eyebrows, and the term “Alt-Right” has become nearly synonymous with Jew-hating, so this is dangerous terrain indeed. One of the things that I despise about the hall-monitor mentality of the PC crowd is their apparent fear that vast numbers of literate Americans might succumb to neo-Nazism overnight if they were to read a single article by someone on the “Alt-Right.” This is the mentality that empowers the SPLC to issue lists of allegedly dangerous Wrongthinkers, who must be banned from all social-media platforms in order to stop the spread of Wrongthink. 

By contrast, I assume my readers to be intelligent, sane and mature, capable of evaluating facts for themselves, and unlikely to suddenly go join the Klan because of some article they read on the Internet. Joining the tiki-torch brownshirt parade is a bad idea, and I should hope my readers don’t need to be cautioned against this, but the issues raised by Professor Hawley’s research inspired the ZMan to declare:

It’s why the math of democracy makes white survival an impossibility. That 25% of whites who lock arms with the 40% who are non-white gets the anti-whites close enough to a permanent majority that they are the default option in an election. It’s why they put all their energy into making sure blacks,Jews, migrants and lesbians are super-angry. The left just needs the turnout and they win. They know the math of democracy too. That means the future is the Kavanaugh hearings over and over until you’re dead. . . .
Is there an argument that is going to cause Debra Katz or Michael Bromwich to reconsider their war on white people? Will Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris ever agree with you? You sat and watched Judge Kavanaugh give a stirring speech in defense of decency and civic justice that Cicero would have found moving. Think about all that has been said and written in favor of civil nationalism, yet, here we are anyway. . . .

You can read the whole thing, because you’re a mature and intelligent person who isn’t going to be marching in any tiki-torch parades, right?

And let me say this: I don’t like gloomy fear-mongering about “white survival.” That kind of attitude leads to senseless violence — Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh and other such apocalyptic terrorists. However, it is fair to speak of the Left’s ideology as broadly “anti-white.” The relentless ratcheting-up of rhetoric on the Left (e.g., “Georgetown Professor Says White Men Should Be Castrated, Fed to Swine Over Kavanaugh Support”) makes their bias self-evident. Yet this should actually inspire conservatives to be optimistic. The Left wouldn’t be ranting madly like this if they were winning, would they? They wouldn’t be trotting out Julie Swetnick unless they were desperate, would they?

It is remarkable that, at this point in our history, both sides of the political divide see themselves as being at the last ditch, fighting against enormous odds for the survival of all they cherish, in a confrontation with powerful and unspeakably evil enemies. And perhaps even more remarkable is this: Both sides may be equally deluded, in the sense that our current political obsessions may not make a dime’s worth of difference in the grand scheme of things. It’s entirely possible that, 30 or 40 years from now, our grandchildren will look back on this period and wonder, “What the heck was that all about?”

Recall that, in the 1960 presidential debates between Kennedy and Nixon, much of their time was spent talking about the islands of Kemoy and Matsu off the coast of China. In the ensuing decade, did any crisis over these islands ever arise? No. Instead we descended into a frightening period of turmoil, foreign and domestic, that had nothing whatsoever to do with Kemoy and Matsu. “What the heck was that all about?”

While it is certainly the duty of the citizen to inform himself about troubling trends in society and government, we should strive to avoid generating the kind of emotional frenzy that leads to violence and madness, e.g., Soros-funded moonbats screeching at senators.

The prospect of a “permanent majority” alliance on the Left that disturbs ZMan is, indeed, a cause for concern. But despair is not a strategy. If we wish to summon to our banner all men of goodwill, we must be able to persuade them that we have hope of a better future.

How about this: Discredit the institutions of the decadent elite.

Shouldn’t the presence of Christine Fair at Georgetown University, for example, suffice to identify this as a school that propagates hatred? Georgetown is anti-white and anti-male, and white male students should assume that they are not welcome at Georgetown. Let these pricey “elite” private schools be made to suffer the consequences — e.g., let the white male alumni of Georgetown refuse to send their sons (or their money) to this perverse and depraved institution, which has been hijacked by its anti-Christian faculty — and see what effect that has.

Americans have no real cause to fear the future, if we will make the most of the opportunities we actually have, including our ability to limit and counteract the influence of the decadent elite.



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