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She Is Not Even a Good Liar

Posted on | October 5, 2018 | 1 Comment

Further evidence of Christine Blasey Ford’s dishonesty — as if we needed further evidence — includes her story that the reason she first discussed Judge Kavanaugh with her husband was that, while remodeling their home in 2012, she wanted to add an extra front door because of her trauma-induced claustrophobia. We know that this claustrophobia excuse is false, because her ex-boyfriend Brian Merrick has contradicted her. Steve Sailer explains that the real reason the Fords wanted a second front door was so that they could rent out a room in the skyrocketing Palo Alto real-estate market. Furthermore, if Professor Ford didn’t mention her youthful acquaintance with Judge Kavanaugh to her husband until 2012, there was an obvious reason: It was a presidential election year, and Judge Kavanaugh was mentioned as being high on the list of possible Supreme Court nominees if a Republican were elected. As early as December 2011, the Huffington Post declared: “Judge Brett Kavanaugh is almost invariably the first name Supreme Court watchers volunteer as the next conservative justice.” In March 2012, Judge Kavanaugh was profiled by Jeffrey Toobin in the New Yorker. It has been often remarked that Professor Ford refused to turn over to the Judiciary Committee the notes from the 2012 therapy session which were cited by the Washington Post as corroborating her story. So her account of the origins of her recovered memory are suspicious and, when we consider that she coached her friend Monica McLean how to pass a polygraph, then lied about this during her testimony to the committee, we have every reason to believe that Professor Ford is a liar — but not a very good liar.

The cloture motion on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination just passed the Senate, with Sens. Collins, Flake and Manchin all voting “yes.” If they are also “yes” in the final vote for confirmation, by Monday, we will be speaking of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

UPDATE: Bipartisan vote-swapping:

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh advanced in the Senate Friday by a 51-49 margin, prevailing on a critical procedural measure and setting up a final confirmation vote likely on Saturday.
Two senators broke with their parties to produce the result, as Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) voted against ending debate and proceeding to the final vote, and Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) voted in favor.
“I believe we are dealing with issues that are bigger than a nominee,” Ms. Murkowski said, adding that her vote had been the “most difficult” decision she has ever had to make. “I believe he is a good man,” Ms. Murkowski told reporters, but “in my view, he’s not the best man for the court at this time.”

(Hat-tip: Stephen Green at Instapundit.)

Permit me to add another point to the vast body of evidence indicating that Christine Blasey Ford is a liar: Her inclusion of Mark Gavreau Judge as a participant in the alleged attack on her. Second only to Kavanaugh, his friend Judge is the most prominent Georgetown Prep alumnus of his generation. Significantly, Judge wrote not one, but two memoirs that related his adolescent alcoholism: Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk (1997) and God and Man at Georgetown Prep: How I Became a Catholic Despite 20 Years of Catholic Schooling (2005). If you were going to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of engaging in offensive drunken activity as a teenager, how convenient it would be for you that his prep-school buddy had written two books about it, including one which included the thinly-veiled pseudonym “Bart O’Kavanaugh.”

Judge describes his own blackout-drunk escapades, including the morning-after fear that he might have done something terrible during his condition of extreme intoxication. Does anyone think it was a coincidence that Professor Ford included Judge in her tale? Fortunately for Judge Kavanaugh, he kept a calendar of his social life in high school, and Professor Ford’s story could not be reconciled with the dates in that calendar, there were other key factual inconsistencies, and every witness she named (including her friend Leland Keyser) denied any knowledge of the house party she described. It’s a terrible thing that, 36 years after an alleged incident, a man should be required to disprove such an allegation, and it seems to us cruel to call his accuser a liar, but if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent, Christian Blasey Ford is guilty of perjury.



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