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S. Africa Seizing White-Owned Farms; White Farmers Fleeing to … Russia?

Posted on | October 21, 2018 | Comments Off on S. Africa Seizing White-Owned Farms; White Farmers Fleeing to … Russia?

The fruits of anti-white hatred will be bitter:

According to numerous experts, Russian authorities are currently wooing farmers to live there in the hopes they will boost Russia’s agricultural industry.
It comes as the first test case for land redistribution was announced when the council for the city of Ekurhuleni votes to seize hundreds of acres of land from private owners to build low-cost housing.
South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa first sent shockwaves around the world this summer when he indicated the country could change its constitution to allow expropriations.
The plans to seize white-owned land without providing compensation were widely condemned, with critics accusing the government of not respecting the rule of law.
And if white farm expropriations pick up pace, it could be Russia that benefits from the skilled labour.
Vladimir Putin’s Government has scrapped tourist visa requirements for South Africans, which it is thought was done to make it easier for them to visit and look at potential homes.
Vladimir Poluboyarenko, a government liaison from the Stavropol region in southern Russia, said: “I want them to know that Russia can be their mother country, too.”

Property rights are the basis of all economic advancement. People will not work to create wealth unless they can be sure that they will own what they have created. The protection of private property is therefore one of the most basic functions of government. If a government begins to threaten the “rich” with expropriation (or confiscatory taxes), this will cause a shortage of capital, as those with wealth will leave the country, and foreign investment will dry up. Within a short time, a relatively rich country can be plunged into poverty, as has happened in Venezuela. The consequences of Ramaphosa’s anti-white policies are predictable: The white minority in South Africa will flee, tourism and foreign investment will decline, and South Africa will descend into poverty and violence.

About 20,000 white South Africans leave the country every year, and white people are now less than 9% of the country’s population. The Ramaphosa government’s idea that it can help black people by seizing the property of whites will yield little benefit to those it claims to “help,” since the value of farmland will decline because whites will no longer be willing to buy farms, when their purchases might be seized from them. And as net out-migration by whites can be expected to increase as a consequence of the government’s anti-white hostility, there would be fewer potential white buyers for farms anyway. Real estate values in South Africa are likely to plummet. But if socialists were capable of understanding the consequences of their policies, they wouldn’t be socialists, would they?



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