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The Media: Stupid or Dishonest?

Posted on | November 26, 2018 | Comments Off on The Media: Stupid or Dishonest?


“I don’t think our media is really this dumb,” Hot Air’s John Sexton writes. “Rather, I think they’re being intentionally dishonest.” The subject was CNN’s coverage of the “migrant caravan”:

It started when CNN’s John Berman introduced the story this way: “U.S. border patrol agents deployed tear-gas on Central Americans seeking asylum, this does include women and children, during an incident near one of the world’s busiest border crossings.” CNN went on to frame the incident as a “peaceful march” that “devolved into chaos.” . . .
I don’t think our media is really this dumb. Rather, I think they’re being intentionally dishonest. The intent of this group was always to do exactly what it did, i.e. rush the border in numbers in hopes of overwhelming authorities.

Meanwhile, Ace points out that MSNBC appears to be shocked — shocked! — that the caravan isn’t a bunch of helpless women and children. Instead, as conservatives have been saying all along, this dangerous mob of foreigners is composed almost entirely of young men who hate America. In other words, this is a hostile invasion.

You know this. CNN knows this, too. They are on the side of the enemy. The people who run CNN hate America and are trying to destroy it.

MSNBC: Majority of Caravan Members Are Men,
Some Not Talking About Asylum



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