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Grandfather’s Transgender Lover Charged With Murdering 1-Year-Old Girl in Texas

Posted on | December 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Grandfather’s Transgender Lover Charged With Murdering 1-Year-Old Girl in Texas

Shawn Vincent Boniello, 30, is charged with murdering Annie Rader.

Police in Rockdale, Texas, say 20-month-old Patricia Ann Rader was beaten and crushed to death Dec. 3, and “an autopsy showed the girl had extensive internal injuries and broken bones throughout her body.” Police were called to a trailer park where the girl, known as “Annie” to her family, had been living with her grandfather, described as “her primary caregiver.” Evidently, there were problems with Annie’s parents, Brianna Matthews and Michael Rader. “The family had prior interactions with [Child Protective Services], and Patricia was previously in [Texas Department of Family and Protective Services] care for a brief time,” a spokeswoman told the Temple Daily Telegram. Annie’s 46-year-old grandfather, however, was at work the night of Dec. 3, and Annie was left in the care of his 30-year-old live-in “girlfriend,” Shawn Vincent Boniello, who “reportedly is transitioning from a man to a woman”:

Boniello moved to Rockdale from New Mexico after Annie’s grandfather met her on the internet. [Annie’s uncle Thomas] Bond tried to look up the name she gave them, but he couldn’t find any information about her anywhere, he said.
“I just knew something wasn’t right,” he said.
It wasn’t until Annie was dead that Bond found out Boniello’s real name and that Boniello wasn’t a woman. Bond said it “blew his mind,” and no one in the family but Annie’s grandfather knew she was not a woman.

The accused murderer, you see, was living as a “woman” in this small town (population 5,851) under a female pseudonym, which was why Annie’s uncle “couldn’t find any information” about the drug addict that Grandpa had met via the Internet. Did I mention the drugs?

Records state that police also found and seized marijuana and pipes next to the bed where the victim’s body was found. At the police department, police said Boniello admitted to smoking the marijuana in the residence while the child was there.

The breakdown of our nation’s social fabric is not limited to America’s inner-city ghettos. In a small town in Texas, child services placed an infant girl in the custody of her grandfather, who lived in a trailer park and had apparently been trawling the Internet for transvestites. So this dope-smoking tranny was left in charge of the toddler and, allegedly, crushed her tiny body to death. “I just knew something wasn’t right.”

Yes, sir. Something sure wasn’t right.



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