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Another Victory for ‘White Nationalism’

Posted on | February 4, 2019 | Comments Off on Another Victory for ‘White Nationalism’


Wide receiver Julian Edelman was the MVP of last night’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, with 10 catches for 141 yards to lead the New England Patriots to a 13-3 victory over the L.A. Rams, the sixth NFL championship for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Eight times, Edelman caught passes that produced first downs for New England in a defensive struggle where field position and time-of-possession were crucial factors. And, according to liberal journalist Corbin Smith of the Daily Beast, this was a victory for (you guessed it) racism:

[T]he Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots held a rally [Jan. 27] for their sweatiest fans at Gillette Stadium. Brady gave a speech. It ended… unnervingly.
WE’RE STILL HERE! WE’RE STILL HERE! Obviously, Brady is referring to his aging, decrepit, cheating-ass squad’s progression to the big game. But, imagine you didn’t know anything about football, or who Tom Brady was, or anything like that. You would think that you were watching some square-jawed grifter throwing red meat to the hogs at an alt-right rally, screaming at the libs who thought Nancy Pelosi and her gender warriors were gonna keep DECENT AMERICAN FOLKS from BEING HERE.
Of course, even if you do know stuff about Brady you may still think he’s on his way to pursuing this line of grifting. He flashed a red MAGA hat, an accoutrement that is gaining more and more traction as a symbol of white nationalism in America, in his locker back in the primary days. He wasn’t the only one! Patriots’ Coach Bill Belichick wrote a goddamn letter to Trump right before the end of the campaign that basically amounted to an endorsement, that Trump then read on stage. And Pats’ owner Robert Kraft is also his pal, and was even shouted out at Trump’s pre-Inauguration dinner in D.C. for his most deep-pocketed donors. . . .

(Note the logic: According to The Daily Beast, “white nationalism” is the only reason Donald Trump is president, therefore everyone who voted for Trump — all 62.9 million — is a racist. In this childishly simplistic liberal worldview, America is divided into two camps — good people, who vote Democrat, and racists, who vote Republican.)

Look, it doesn’t matter if the Patriots like it or not, they are the official team of American White Nationalism, the MAGA Boys On the Field. You can’t implicitly or explicitly support Trump, who reads speeches written by Stephen Miller as a matter of course, play in a market whose sporting culture is renowned for its racism, have a decade-plus organizational obsession with undersized white receivers, and be called, no shit, the Patriots, without getting the vile Fox News Soup that poisoned half the country on your shirt. Try to put on a bib of distancing yourself, deflecting questions, telling everyone your wife told you to stop talking about it, that shit isn’t gonna work. You’re the MAGA Kid. It’s on you forever. It stalks and haunts you.
When you root for the Patriots, you are associating yourself with a virulent and revolting strain of politics that seeks to Make America Great Again — which is to say, white, European, English-speaking.

You can read the rest of that deranged screed, and I should point out that the writer Corbin Smith is himself “white, European, English-speaking,” which raises the question: What’s wrong with that?

This is a question liberals avoid. In post-Obama America, the assumption that “white” is a synonym for bad or wrong permeates their minds, and you might think the only way Corbin Smith could fully expunge his sense of white guilt would be to commit suicide, but he won’t do that. Instead, his self-hatred manifests itself as Trump Derangement Syndrome, and as should be obvious by now, this is an incurable mental disorder.

What liberal journalists don’t seem to consider is the consequences of their increasing tendency to identify something that is popular or successful in American life, and then label it “racist.” If everything people actually like is denounced as “white supremacy,” well . . .?


But speaking of “undersized white receivers,” Edelman is remarkable. He played quarterback in college at Kent State, and he was the 232nd draft pick overall when the Patriots got him in the seventh round in 2009, for a signing bonus of less than $50,000. For his first couple of seasons, he was mainly used as a punt returner, also occasionally filling in at defensive back, and didn’t emerge as a real star until 2014, when he made 92 catches for 972 yards and caught the winning touchdown in the 2015 Super Bowl. At 5-foot-10, Edelman is indeed “undersized” for an NFL wide receiver, but he is fast and muscular and he runs patterns with moves that make defensive backs look like stumbling fools. Sunday night, he was the best he’s ever been:

“I was always taught as a young boy, work as hard as you can, put in the extra time and we’ll see where it goes,” Edelman said. . . .
“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do,” Edelman said. “I preach that, and I guess you have to live to it.”

Yeah — hard work is now “white nationalism,” I guess.



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