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Meghan Murphy’s Lawsuit: Because Twitter Has Already Lost Its Credibility

Posted on | February 13, 2019 | 1 Comment


You don’t have to like Meghan Murphy to applaud her lawsuit against the corporate SJW totalitarians now running Twitter:

Canadian feminist writer Meghan Murphy is suing Twitter after she was banned for her tweets about transgender people.
Attorneys for Murphy on Monday filed suit in the Superior Court of California for the County of San Francisco, accusing Twitter of deceptive trade practices and breach of contract.
Twitter banned Murphy in November over a series of transgender-related tweets that included statements like “men aren’t women” and “How are transwomen not men?”
“Twitter’s repeated representations that it would uphold the free speech rights of its users and not censor user speech were material to the decision of millions of users, like Murphy, to join,” Murphy’s lawyers wrote in court documents reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.
“Twitter would never have attracted the hundreds of millions of users it boasts today had Twitter let it be known that it would arbitrarily ban users who did not agree with the political and social views of its management or impose sweeping new policies banning the expression of widely-held viewpoints and perspectives on public issues,” the suit states.
“While it is appalling that Twitter would ban a journalist for asking legitimate questions about an incoherent ideology, such as gender identity, and for challenging legislation I believe is a massive threat to women’s rights, this is about more than just gender identity,” Murphy wrote in an email to TheDCNF.
“We cannot allow multi billion dollar corporations to dictate speech. Twitter is quite literally enforcing a 1984-style version of newspeak, wherein we may not speak or name material reality. The fact that it is so-called progressives, by and large, is appalling,” Murphy added.

The Wall Street Journal had the lawsuit story first. When Murphy was banned in November, I reported her story here:

Jonathan Yaniv is a notorious Canadian pervert who has filed 16 human rights complaints against women for refusing to wax his genitals. Yaniv claims to be transgender, using the name “Jessica.”
A week after the feminist blog Gender Trender exposed Yaniv’s history of describing pedophilic and voyeuristic behavior online, WordPress deleted the entire Gender Trender blog and announced a new policy that “deadnaming” (identifying someone by their birth name) is a terms-of-service violation. When people on Twitter began commenting about this egregious situation, Yaniv and/or other transgender activists got those accounts suspended and, apparently, Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy’s Twitter account has been permanently suspended and Twitter announced its own anti-“deadnaming” policy.

That a dangerously deranged pervert like Jonathan Yaniv would be able to get someone as prominent as Meghan Murphy (who runs Canada’s most popular feminist website) banned from Twitter tells you everything you need to know about who’s calling the shots at Twitter HQ. When my @rsmccain account got banned in February 2016, a lot of people were like, “Whoa! What did he do to deserve that?” And there was never an explanation. Wouldn’t you think that, if I was “participating in targeted abuse” sufficient to justify being permanently banned from Twitter, someone would have produced screencaps to show (a) who was targeted, (b) how they were abused, and (c) how I participated? But there was nothing like that, and nobody who followed my account had seen me do anything egregious prior to my account being suddenly shut down.


Oh, but I had called Anita Sarkeesian a “totalitarian ideologue” a week before I got banned. Probably just a coincidence:

Twitter had decided, in an election year, to surrender control of its platform to a crew of feminist social justice warriors (SJWs) designated the “Trust and Safety Council.” This secretive group of Soviet-style commissars included the notorious anti-male hatemonger Anita Sarkeesian, and soon Twitter began purging conservative accounts.

Anita Sarkeesian is a dishonest, selfish, hate-filled monster, and any corporation that would voluntarily associate itself with her could not be trusted to respect anyone’s freedom. Some people urged me to sue Twitter, but I recognized that (a) I would not be the ideal plaintiff, and (b) sooner or later, these Twitter purges would go too far.

Oops. Read Meghan Murphy’s complaint carefully:

Meghan Murphy Lawsuit Again… by on Scribd


What you’ll see is that Murphy has them dead to rights on the breach-of-contract claim. They promised freedom, now they’re anti-freedom, and if this lawsuit withstands a motion to dismiss, I expect Twitter to offer Murphy a multi-million-dollar settlement to avoid discovery. Once that happens, well, it’s gonna be Katy-bar-the-door on such lawsuits.

You go, girl! Burn it down — burn it all down!



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