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Violence Against Women Update

Posted on | April 1, 2019 | 2 Comments


A story feminists are ignoring for some reason:

The man accused of kidnapping and murdering a woman who got into his car thinking it was her Uber ride had activated the child locks in his backseat so the doors could be opened only from the outside, police in South Carolina revealed.
Nathaniel David Rowland , 24, was charged Saturday in the death of 21-year-old Samantha Josephson, a University of South Carolina student from Robbinsville, New Jersey. Rowland decided not to appear at a hearing in Richland County jail Sunday.
Rowland is charged with kidnapping and murder, Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said. . . .
Investigators would not say what they thought Rowland did to Josephson from the time she got into his black Chevrolet Impala in Columbia’s Five Points entertainment district around 1:30 a.m. Friday until her body was dumped in woods off a dirt road in Clarendon County about 65 miles away.
Josephson had numerous wounds to her head, neck, face, upper body, leg and foot, according to arrest warrants released Sunday by the State Law Enforcement Division. Holbrook also said investigators found her blood in Rowland’s vehicle. . . .
Josephson’s blood was found in the trunk and inside Rowland’s car along with her phone, bleach, window cleaner and cleaning wipes, Holbrook said.
“This was a bad scene,” the police chief said at a news conference late Saturday.
Hunters found Josephson’s body Friday afternoon just hours after it was dumped, despite being left in an area that was “very difficult to get to unless you knew how to get there,” Holbrook said.
Rowland recently has lived in the area, he said.
The night after Josephson was kidnapped, a Columbia police officer noticed a black Chevrolet Impala about two blocks from the Five Points bars where Josephson was kidnapped.
The driver ran, but was arrested after a short chase, Holbrook said.

I actually spent some time this evening checking feminist web sites and scrolling down the Twitter feeds of various feminist writers, and guess what? None of them has said a word about the kidnapping and murder of Samantha Josephson. You’d think they’d mention this kind of violence against women, but they don’t, for some reason.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)



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