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Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | May 3, 2019 | Comments Off on Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Crazy People Are Dangerous

Working the free wifi at Krystal here on U.S. 441.

MADISON, Georgia
After 10 hours on the road, I got five hours of sleep Thursday night on the sofa at my brother’s house in Barrow County, the headed south to avoid Atlanta-area traffic, so that my route via Macon will get me to Orlando in another six hours. One of the things about these long road trips is you miss a lot of news and, while I was driving and listening to country music on the radio, there was some serious craziness:

Federal and local law enforcement officials arrested a Washington state man on Wednesday after he allegedly threatened Jewish conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.
The Kent Police Department helped the FBI arrest a 27-year-old Kent man during a traffic stop, local media reported. He faces charges related to making serious threats against Mr. Shapiro, who is founder and editor of conservative news outlet The Daily Wire.
The suspect made “extremely serious” threats against Shapiro and his family, according to a TMZ report, which Mr. Shapiro later confirmed.


More details on the suspect:

Chase Bliss Colasurdo is a 27-year-old from Kent, Washington, who was arrested and charged with transmitting interstate death threats against President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, his son Donald Trump Jr., and right wing media journalist, Ben Shapiro on May 1.
In the 7-page felony complaint, prosecutors say the FBI first began investigating Colasurdo after a “concerned citizen” was alarmed by his extremely anti-semitic posts on social media. In addition to his thousands of disturbing and erratic Instagram posts over the past few months, investigators found he sent an email on February 26, to five different news outlets writing “I’m going to personally execute White House Senior Advisor J.K. for his countless treasonous crimes,” court documents show.
The following day on Instagram, Colasurdo, an amateur MMA fighter, posted a photo of himself with what appears to be a black handgun and wrote in the caption section, “I made a death threat to J.K. yesterday, and I have not been arrested yet. Almost like I have special forces murdering anyone trying to f–k with me or something… By the way, I do still plan on personally executing him, ideally.”

(He was doing this in February, and just now got arrested?)

There are many violent threats on his Instagram page, and toward such a wide array of public figures, but his account remains active, despite seemingly being against rules set by Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. Federal authorities also said that numerous weapons and ammunition were found during a search of his home. . . .
With more than 3,000 Instagram posts dedicated to the praise of Nazis or hate speech against Jewish people, there are few selfies peppered into his account in which he complains about still being single, and having no girlfriend. . . .

(“Hey, why don’t girls swipe right on a Nazi psycho?”)

When federal agents dug into Colasurdo’s emails, they said they found he had made purchases of body armor, a bulletproof baseball cap, rifle armor and 300 rounds of 9mm ammunition. . . .
The 27-year-old also owned a framed portrait of Adolph Hitler, a Nazi flag, and anti-Semitic books like The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion, according to court documents. . . .
Colasurdo appears to be suffering from mental health issues, and he’s been arrested on assault charges twice before. In 2015, he was arrested after police said he caused a disturbance at AMC Kickboxing in Kirkland, Washington, in which he was charged with assaulting the owner of the business. At the time, he told officers he had smoked methamphetamine and marijuana, and drank alcohol prior to the assault. As the court documents show, he was then transported to a mental health facility where he then attempted to grab a police officer’s gun, and needed to be “handcuffed to the bedrail,” according to court documents.
During an interview with federal agents last month, he claimed that he never planned to hurt anyone and that he was previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after the 2015 assault arrest landed him in King County Mental Health Court, court documents show.

People say its wrong to “stigmatize” mental illness, but when you’re a Nazi psycho with a history of violence? Yeah, you earned your stigma.

Speaking of earning, thanks to everybody who hit the tip-jar yesterday to fund this road-trip. By my estimate, I’ll complete the final 427 miles to Orlando by 1:30 p.m., if I leave now, so there’s just time to remind you that the Five Most Important Words in the English Language are:




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