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Condé Nast Is Decadent and Depraved

Posted on | May 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Condé Nast Is Decadent and Depraved


Remember the Teen Vogue anal sex issue? The presentation of this material in a beauty-and-fashion publication aimed at minors (many of them too young to legally consent to any sexual activity) alarmed and enraged parents who wondered what the hell was going on at the offices of the publishing giant Condé Nast. It turned out that this magazine, aimed at a readership of middle-school and high-school girls, had hired a gay man, Phillip Picardi, as their digital editorial director in April 2015, therefore of course, anal sex. While the parents of teenage girls were shocked, many feminists were also angry about the situation at Teen Vogue, because there is research indicating that many girls and young women are being forced into anal sex by porn-addicted boyfriends. Meghan Murphy was particularly enraged by this issue, offering an anatomy lesson on why homosexual men enjoy anal sex in a way that women don’t. Why is this deviant, painful and unsanitary practice being promoted as “mainstream”? Well, in part, it reflects the hegemonic influence of LGBTQ activism in liberal culture, but also because of the influence of 1990s-era porn producer John “Buttman” Stagliano.

A few months after this anal sex controversy, Condé Nast announced that Teen Vogue would cease print publication, although continuing online as a sort of digital zombie site. “Get woke, go broke.”

Meanwhile, at another Condé Nast publication, Allure magazine, Rosemary Donahue is “Digital Wellness Editor,” writing articles with headlines like “These Are My Fave Sex Toys, Lube, and More to Use For Masturbating” (May 17) and “When Men Like Joe Biden Conflate Connection With Consent” (April 4). What does Joe Biden have to do with “wellness,” you may ask? I dunno, either, but it’s 2019. Politics is everything and everything is politics, and if feminists have a problem with Biden, there simply must be an article on Allure‘s website.


When she isn’t busy soliciting “weird, creative, queer” content about “mental health,” etc., for Allure, Ms. Donahue is busy dealing with her own mental health problems and queerness. You see, after she graduated from Cal State-San Bernardino in 2015, Ms. Donahue moved to New York with her boyfriend, Dane Cardiel, who was working at Condé Nast at the time. In March 2017, the couple were married.


Their wedding was attended by a lot of blue-check media types, but their marriage lasted barely two years — 26 months, to be precise, including several months for the legal paperwork to finalize their divorce. The problem, it seems, is that Ms. Donahue had incorrectly believed she was heterosexual, because she’s crazy. She recently published an article at the Condé Nast site Them with the headline, “Why I Needed to See a Queer Therapist (And How You Can Find One, Too).”

In this article, Ms. Donahue reveals that she “first started going to therapy around 13 years old,” at the behest of her parents, who “were concerned about my behavior” because she was “acting out as a result” of “suffering from severe trauma and PTSD from being sexually abused” (an experience of which she claims to have “recovered memories,” but let’s not go there). She refused to cooperate with the therapist, and continued acting out, with some “particularly shocking incidents — including one where I threatened to take my own life, was placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold, and misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder.” She was subsequently “sent away to a residential behavioral program for ‘troubled teens’ at 17.” She has continued to suffer depression and anxiety, and it was not until after her wedding to Dane Cardiel that Ms. Donahue “was able to find an affirming therapist, who told me that my identity was valid and . . . I was able to come out of the closet and get a divorce.”

We are thus asked to believe — Ms. Donahue has elaborated on this in her Twitter feed — that she was never sexually attracted to her husband, nor to any other man. Her heterosexuality was a mirage, an illusion, and Ms. Donahue has actually been a lesbian her entire life.


Perhaps the reader can imagine the skeptical expression on my face, but we are not permitted to question these narratives. If Bruce Jenner could marry three women, sire six children and be a 64-year-old grandfather before “discovering” that he was actually a woman named Caitlyn, then why can’t Rosemary Donahue declare, at age 28, that despite her previous marriage to a man she has always been homosexual?


Her ex-husband apparently accepted this explanation without a quarrel, as might be expected of a Democratic Socialist. Marriage is a bourgeois institution, as any student of Marx and Engels must understand, and certainly Dane Cardiel wouldn’t want to be a bourgeois oppressor.

So now Allure‘s digital wellness editor, having divorced her husband and abandoned her pretense of heterosexuality, is happily queer, and never mind that she sometimes breaks down crying for no reason. Oh, and she also seems to be a frequent companion of the recently hired politics editor of Teen Vogue, a transgender person known as “Lucy Diavolo.”


Are there any normal people working at Condé Nast? Or has this prestigious publishing company been completely taken over by the road-show cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?



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