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Stalinist Regime at Google Is Still Lying

Posted on | June 26, 2019 | 1 Comment


Several executives at Google have deleted their social-media accounts after Project Veritas exposed their partisan bias. One of the totalitarians at Google, “Responsible Innovation” Commissar Jen Genai, has resorted to claiming that Project Veritas “edited the video” to create a false impression about the company’s efforts to prevent Trump’s re-election.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas has published a leaked email in which another Google totalitarian, Liam Hopkins, smears PragerU, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro as “nazis” producing “right-wing content.”

This all goes back to what we learned from the firing of James Damore: Google is staffed by left-wing ideologues, who consider any dissent from their radical agenda to be “hate,” and they are determined to prevent conservative ideas from being disseminated on their platform.



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