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Everything Is Now ‘White Supremacist’

Posted on | July 12, 2019 | Comments Off on Everything Is Now ‘White Supremacist’


Ever since President Trump was elected, leftists have been pointing fingers at everyone and everything, screaming “white supremacist”!

It’s not just Republicans (“Fascists!”) and Trump (“Hitler!”) who have been targeted by this campaign of screeching hysteria. In their paranoid dementia, leftists now see “white supremacy” everywhere, as if they are surrounded by a continuous Klan rally. The Washington Post now sees “white supremacy” in children’s cartoons:

“The first thing to understand about ‘The Lion King’ is that it isn’t in any way about lions, or any other animal species,” the column reads, adding: “As in every fable, a variety of cute and cuddly figures stand in for human societal organization. Mapping our internalized social hierarchies onto the pristine and ‘neutral’ world of the animal kingdom renders these power dynamics natural, common-sense and desirable.”
Then we come to the money quote…
“But by using predator-prey relationships to allegorize human power, the film almost inevitably incorporates the white supremacist’s worldview, one in which some groups of people are inherently superior to others.”
The piece goes on to explain that this is all really about Trump…
“Doubling down on Disney’s historical obsession with patriarchal monarchies, it places the audience’s point of view squarely with the autocratic lions, whose Pride Rock literally looks down upon all of society’s weaker groups — a kind of Trump Tower of the African savanna.”

See? Popular cartoons beloved by millions of children are actually about “patriarchal monarchies” and “the white supremacist’s worldview.”

The Washington Post columnist responsible for this drivel — headlined “‘The Lion King’ is a fascistic story. No remake can change that.” — is a University of Utrecht assistant professor of cultural studies named Dan Hassler-Forest. He has previously authored such insights as “Star Wars fandom and toxic masculinity” (Nov. 25, 2016) and “Trump Media: A Film Studies Syllabus” (Nov. 22, 2016):

Over the past week, I’ve assembled a long list of films that I thought might be appropriate choices for reflecting on Trump’s presidential campaign, and what I still can’t see as anything but the dystopian nightmare of an actual Trump administration.

Declaring the world to be a “dystopian nightmare” because your party lost an election is . . . irrational. And the fact that this irrationality is promoted in “mainstream” publications will tend to encourage such people to continue living inside their delusions.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is now defending Nancy Pelosi from accusations of racism, which will only increase leftist paranoia: “These white supremacists are all in cahoots together!” Yes. Yes, we are.

It’s very important to maintain the psychological pressure, to foment fear in the minds of Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, by cooperating with their paranoid delusions. So the next time these raving kooks point the finger — “White supremacy!” — whatever you do, don’t deny it. Act as if you already knew that such-and-so a historical figure (Kate Smith, Betsy Ross, whoever) was practically a KKK Imperial Wizard.

The Nobel Prize? White supremacist. Walt Disney? White supremacist. Whoever and whatever it is, just nod in agreement. If somebody tells you that Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos is a white supremacist? Of course — everybody knows that. Mark Zuckerberg? Also a white supremacist.

Everybody and everything is white supremacist, everywhere, all the time.

Once we’ve helped liberals convince themselves of this, they’ll not only discredit themselves as lunatic wackjobs, but they’ll also deprive the phrase “white supremacy” of any meaningful definition. Next time the Southern Poverty Law Center “exposes” some conservative as a white supremacist, he can reply, “Right. Just like The Lion King.”

Is anyone tired of all this #winning yet?



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