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Who Is Murdering Whom? And How?

Posted on | October 5, 2019 | 2 Comments

New York murder suspect Randy Rodriquez Santos.

If all you know about crime is what you get from CNN and Democrat politicians, you might suppose that the typical murder in America is committed by a right-wing white male with an AR-15 rifle. But the facts are otherwise, as for example this recent crime in New York:

A deranged vagrant wielding a lethal length of metal pipe savagely beat four sleeping homeless men to death early Saturday as they hunkered down for the night on the streets of Chinatown, police said.
A fifth homeless man was critically injured, suffering a serious head wound, before police nabbed Randy Rodriguez Santos, 24, as he walked near Canal St. with the murder weapon resting on his shoulder, cops said. One of the victims was a man in his 80s, and the youngest was in his early 50s, cops said.
Santos, who was also homeless, was charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection with the 1:45 a.m. bloodbath. The suspect was arrested this past May for threatening a man inside a Brooklyn homeless shelter, but he walked when the victim refused to press charges, law enforcement sources told the Daily News. . . .
Police said Santos has a rap sheet with a half-dozen prior arrests in the last two years, including the attempted assault with a weapon just five months ago in Brooklyn. According to sources, Santos had a history of fighting and arguing with other homeless people.

Four people dead, and we await the CNN town hall for metal pipe control. Meanwhile, there’s more crime news from the Bronx:

Cops have identified the 63-year-old man accused of killing his wife with a machete in The Bronx, authorities said Friday.
Victor Mateo is suspected of running over his 58-year-old wife Thursday morning, then getting out of his car and hacking her multiple times, causing a bloody, chaotic scene on Ellsworth near Schley avenues in Throggs Neck, according to police.
Mateo’s wife, Noelia Mateo, was found unconscious by cops after a 911 caller reported the brutal attack around 7 a.m. She died a short time later at Jacobi Medical Center.
Her husband had already fled the scene and was still being hunted by cops Friday.
A 78-year-old neighbor, Victor DiCristina, told The Post that she rushed to the door when heard people screaming and witnessed the attack.
“The first thing I saw was a person underneath the back of a car across the street and the guy was trying to grab that person and pulling her out by the leg,” she said.
“He had a machete in his hand. … He went after her with that machete. He was swinging it. He hit her on the left side. Then he went to her left side,” she recalled.

Bronx murder suspect Victor Mateo

OK, so the weapons of choice in this crime were a car and a machete. Believe it or not — and if you’re a CNN viewer, this might astonish you — there are ways to kill people without an AR-15, and most murders in America are not committed by right-wing white guys.

You can learn a lot about crime from the FBI’s annual crime report. Their report for 2018 was released this week, and what it reveals completely contradicts the liberal media narrative and the rhetoric of Democrat politicians. For example, “when the race of the offender was known” (11,514 cases in 2018), nearly 55% of murders (6,318) were committed by African-Americans, and nearly 14% (1,576) were committed by Hispanics, meaning that non-Hispanic whites committed barely 30% of murders in the United States. These are simply the facts.

And what are the weapons of choice? The most common murder weapons (6,603 murders in 2018) are pistols, whereas knives were used in 1,515 murders, and 443 people were killed with blunt objects. But what about those terrible semi-automatic “assault rifles” that Democrats want to confiscate? Rifles of all types accounted for a mere 297 murders in 2018, meaning that you were more than five times likely to be stabbed to death than to be murdered with a rifle. It is pistols, not AR-15s, that pose the greatest public-safety risk, according to the FBI data, so why aren’t the anchors on CNN talking about pistols? For the same reason that they aren’t talking about the fact that nearly 70% of murders are committed by black or Hispanic criminals — these facts don’t fit the liberal narrative.

There is a built-in bias in the way crime is reported by the media. Certain crimes are inherently more newsworthy than others. It is understandable that when, for example, a Jew-hater kills 11 people in a synagogue, this gets nationwide media attention. But the vast majority of murders in America are not “hate crimes,” and they don’t involve AR-15s.

The atrocities that get wall-to-wall coverage on CNN are atypical of murder in general, and the saturation media coverage tends to distort public understanding of crime. So far this year, 404 people have been murdered in Chicago — about 10 murders in the average week — and how many of those murders got mentioned on CNN? Pretty close to zero, because the typical murder in Chicago is, well, typical — young black and Hispanic males fighting turf wars between rival drug gangs. Reporting such crimes doesn’t do anything to advance the Democrat Party political agenda, and therefore, it’s just “local news.” And speaking of local news, all the major networks are based in New York City, but they won’t report on the wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes in the city. Care to guess why? Hint: The perpetrators aren’t right-wing Trump supporters.



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