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‘A Familiar If Odd Accent to City Life’

Posted on | December 12, 2019 | Comments Off on ‘A Familiar If Odd Accent to City Life’


Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine:

The New York Times called them “sidewalk ministers” who practice “tough love.” The paper quoted Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center who described them as victims of racism and claimed that they were non-violent.
The Washington Post, in its own puff piece on the Black Hebrew Israelites, also falsely described them as non-violent, and concluded that, “Israelite street preaching in parts of D.C., Philadelphia and New York is commonplace, a familiar if odd accent to city life.”
The odd accent to city life in Jersey City came amid a hail of bullets as two members of the racist black nationalist hate group opened fire in the JC Supermarket. Despite initial claims by the media and the authorities that the Jewish market had not been targeted, David Anderson and Francine Graham ignored passerby on Martin Luther King Dr, to get to the store and kill as many Jewish people as they could.
When the shooting had ended, Moshe Hersh Deutsch, a yeshiva student who was known for helping distribute food packages to the needy, Mrs Leah Mindel Ferencz, a mother of 3 who helped her husband run the grocery store, and Miguel Jason Rodriguez, the father of an 11-year-old daughter and a parishioner at an Assemblies of God church, were all dead.
Anderson, who left behind anti-Semitic and anti-police writings, had also killed Detective Joseph Seals, a father of 5, and wounded Officer Ray Sanchez and Officer Ferenella Fernandez.
The black nationalist terrorist had hated cops and Jews. He managed to kill both.


Greenfield makes a point that my brother Kirby made yesterday. Kirby showed me the Google Map of the area, and anyone can see that, after they murdered Det. Seals at Bayview Cemetery, the killers had an easy and obvious escape route — Chapel Avenue to Garfield Avenue to Bayview Avenue and then onto Interstate 78, where they could have fled in either direction. That they did not seek to escape the area is important, and what did the suspects do instead? They drove their stolen U-Haul vehicle directly to JC Kosher Supermarket. We have video that shows the killers ignored every other establishment in that neighborhood, and charged directly into this Jewish-owned business, guns blazing.


There is no doubt that the killers deliberately targeted Jews, as this kosher market was described as part of “a small Orthodox Jewish community of nearly 100 families, most of whom moved from the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn over the past few years”:

According to locals, the JC supermarket is the only kosher one of its kind in the area. It serves basic groceries, sandwiches and salads. Next door is Khal Adas Greenville, a building with a synagogue on a lower level and a yeshiva for children on the upper level.
“It’s a beautiful tight-knit community, very kind people, and it’s devastating that something like this happened,” said Rabbi Shmully Levitin, a Chabad rabbi who lives in this city across the Hudson River from New York.

Dismayed by the high cost of housing in Brooklyn, these Orthodox Jewish families seeking cheaper homes moved across the river to Jersey City, and their presence in this predominantly black community must have been apparent to the black racist David Anderson. Here’s an interesting report from (of all places) The New Yorker:

On Tuesday, each explanation for the shooting offered its own horrors, but, even after the scene was brought under control and the number of dead and injured known, some explanations were apparently more horrifying than others. In an Uber, on the way to the site of the shooting, my driver said, “They’re saying it’s not terrorism. Thank God.”
Except, as it turned out, there appeared to be a more insidious motive behind Tuesday’s violence. A few years ago, sixty-two Hasidic families moved into Greenville, refugees of high Brooklyn rents. . . .
Recently, old tensions had begun to simmer in the neighborhood. Some residents have complained about the insularity and new influence of the Hasidic community over the local real-estate market. The Hasidic community, meanwhile, has chafed at local politicians who told them their new shul was violating zoning laws. The shul sits next to the site of the shooting.

These Jews were not invisible; they did not blend into the community. This neighborhood, known as Greenville (ZIP code 07305), is about 45% black, 25% Hispanic and 17% Asian, so that the total white population is less than 15%, and these are ultra-Orthodox Jews, the men with beards, etc. They were highly visible targets, and this kosher market was next door to their synagogue. This was an act of terrorism, and we have extensive evidence of the terrorists’ motive:

David Anderson, the 47-year-old man accused in the Jersey City mass shooting attack, likely used the identity Dawada Maqabath and other alter egos on social media and online, NBC News is reporting. has reviewed multiple posts made by that identity on the Internet; Maqabath and another identity attributed to Anderson made numerous extremely anti-police comments on various obscure social media and online video pages, glorified Baton Rouge police shooter Gavin Long, unleashed anti-Semitic and anti-Christian vitriol, and called non-black Jewish people “imposters.” . . .
Heavy has unearthed many of those postings, including the Instagram page mentioned by NBC, and you can see screenshots later in this article. The most recent post reads, “Revelations 1:13-15. Jesus comes from the tribe of JUDAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall n*gguz better wake the f*ck up before its too late. America has NOTHING for us but DEATH …”
He wrote on another page, “Revelation 2:9 ‘Blacks ARE Jews, the ‘jewish’ are imposters. Our ethnic identity crisis is fueled by the synagogue of satan (amalek) and wicked Israelites who love darkness as a cover for their wickedness. This lying profane blasphemous bastard. Ata lo yahudi, lo, ata mumzer. Ata goyim.”

The bizarre beliefs expressed by Anderson are directly derived from those propagated by the Black Hebrew Israelites cult, who claim that Africans are the authentic “chosen people” and that modern Jews have somehow stolen the identity of ancient Israelites. Whenever you encounter such a belief, you know that it is rooted in profound ignorance, but it is difficult to discern how dangerous this ignorance is in any individual case. There are actually lots of black people on the Internet ranting against cops, against white people, against Jews, so how can you tell which of these hateful people is a serious threat of violence? If you want to understand the size of this problem, consider the local black people in this Jersey City neighborhood caught on video blaming the Jews for this attack.

This is astonishing, and we ought to be deeply concerned about it. However, Democrats and the media have their own agenda:

When gunfire erupted Tuesday afternoon in Jersey City, cable news networks provided live coverage as police engaged in a standoff with the armed suspects. Liberals on Twitter began emitting their predictable rhetoric in such circumstances, blaming the National Rifle Association and smearing Republicans as somehow culpable for the shooting. At that time, little or nothing was known about the perpetrators, and there was no reason to believe the suspects were NRA members or Trump supporters, but the Left’s explanation for armed violence is a prefabricated narrative in which their political enemies are always the villains. Whenever the facts don’t fit this narrative, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) immediately change the subject, and thus we can predict the Jersey City shootout will be quickly forgotten by CNN and other left-wing outlets.
It turns out that Tuesday’s deadly attack was perpetrated by two black people, David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 51, who were reportedly connected to the so-called “Black Hebrew Israelites” cult. . . .

Read the rest of my latest column at The American Spectator.



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