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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | December 17, 2019 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous


In October 2018, a Colorado judge sentenced cyberstalker Deborah Frisch to four years in prison, but she was released in May on a “hardship parole,” under terms that forbade her to use the Internet for the type of activity that had led to her imprisonment. Alas, Dr. Frisch has recently returned to her familiar habits, spamming out deranged emails, which prompted my friend John Hoge to send this message:

To: __________
Subject: Deborah Frisch
From: W J J Hoge

Dear Ms. __________:
My name is William John Joseph Hoge (usually known by first middle name John Hoge). I operate a blog called Hogewash! ( While I have previously written a few blog post commenting on news related Deborah Frisch as part of my coverage of online harassment, I have never initiated any contact with her. Neither has my son William IV or did my late wife Connie.
I note from several of the 72 emails that I have received from Ms. Frisch since Friday, 13 December, 2019, that you are her probation manager. I gather from an email from you which she forwarded to me that one of the conditions of her parole is that she shall refrain from using the Internet to stalk or harass people. I have attached a pdf of a log of the emails I have received from Ms. Frisch over the past four days. . . .
Please direct Ms. Frisch to refrain from any further contact with me.
If it should become necessary, I am willing to provide further evidence or testimony, including personally appearing in Colorado.
W J J Hoge

Did I ever mention that John builds space robots for NASA? My point is that (a) he’s not stupid, and (b) he can afford a ticket to Colorado.



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