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Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Posted on | October 27, 2018 | Comments Off on Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch Sentenced to Four Years in Prison


Twelve years after she made national headlines by threatening conservative blogger Jeff Goldstein’s family, former psychology professor Deborah Frisch — who once called herself “a left-wing Rush Limbaugh” — was sentenced to four years in state prison Friday in Colorado.

Frisch, 56, has a Ph.D. in psychology and was once a tenure-track professor at the University of Oregon. She lost that job, however, and in 2006 was working as a part-time adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona when she began posting hateful comments at Goldstein’s “Protein Wisdom” blog. That escalated into threats against Goldstein’s young son, and when it was discovered that she was using a university computer to post her obscene comments, Frisch was forced to resign. She moved back to Oregon where, according to the Eugene Register-Guard, she continued her anti-social behavior:

Frisch frequently sends group emails to a large number of officials and media representatives in the Eugene area and elsewhere. Recipients typically include university officials, city and county government employees and elected officials, and others. Her emails often include lewd and obscene messages. . . .
A number of anti-stalking orders have been filed against Frisch since 2008, according to the Oregon Judicial Department, where records show Frisch has been arrested and convicted of harassment, criminal impersonation, and unlawful use of mace in three separate cases since 2008.

In 2015, Frisch was convicted of falsely accusing a Eugene police officer of sexually assaulting her. She was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. Frisch then moved to California, where her parents live and, in 2016, sent harassing emails to various “enemies.” When she CC’d me on one of these emails, I replied:

Were you to solicit my advice, I would tell you to stop hunting around for “enemies” to blame for your problems, which are entirely of your own making. . . . You will bring only further humiliation upon yourself, and quite possibly be subject to criminal prosecution, if you continue doing the kind of things that have caused you problems in the past.

Frisch’s harassing behaviors escalated and she again targeted Goldstein, who pressed charges. Felony warrants were issued and, after she was arrested Nov. 11, 2016, in Yreka, California, on a drunk and disorderly behavior charge, she was extradited to Colorado to face those charges. In April 2017, Frisch pleaded guilty to felony stalking and harassment in Colorado and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

However, she soon violated the conditions of her probation, resulting in new warrants being issued for her arrest. Frisch became a fugitive and fled to Oregon, where she was captured in January 2018. The arresting officer reported that Frisch was “extremely hostile and belligerent” and used anti-Asian insults. Frisch “referred to me as ‘Kung Pao Cunt’ and kept saying that she was going to resist and that we were going to have to use force on her,” Officer Cynthia Ksenzulak wrote. Frisch was extradited again to Colorado and in May 2018 pleaded guilty, but a judge released her pending an October sentencing date and by July — after spending time in a psychiatric facility — Frisch was back in California, where she resumed her habit of online harassment. Last month, she was arrested again in San Diego County, California, and on Monday was extradited once more to Weld County, Colorado. After her court hearing Friday, Jeff Goldstein reported on Twitter that Frisch had been sentenced to four years imprisonment in the Colorado Department of Corrections, to be followed by three years of probation. Let’s all pray we’ve heard the last of this lunatic with a Ph.D. Remember: Crazy People Are Dangerous.




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