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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | January 4, 2020 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous


The Macon (Ga.) Telegraph:

A brief and somewhat uneventful high-speed chase across a southern stretch of Putnam County two nights before Christmas had salacious origins when a woman told police her ex-boyfriend broke in and stole several items, including a sex swing.
A woman who lives a few miles south of Eatonton near Lake Sinclair told police she arrived home the evening of Dec. 23 to find a man she had once lived with — a man who she said fathered two of her children — making off with more than a dozen pairs of high-heels and “other miscellaneous objects.”
Those other objects, according to a Putnam sheriff’s report, included an infant activity play mat, a Spider-Man blanket and a “black $160 “Fetish Fantasy … adult sex aid … spinning swing.”
Authorities were promptly notified and sheriff’s deputies were soon on the lookout for a gray 2016 Dodge Challenger, which the alleged burglar, John David “Donk” Lewis, drove away in.
The 30-year-old victim of the alleged theft said when she got home that night the Dodge was parked outside with its trunk open.
The woman said she spotted Lewis, 29, “carrying a container of her high-heeled shoes and other property,” a deputy’s report noted.
While the deputy was talking to the victim, another woman at the house received a text message from Lewis. The message included a photograph of Lewis, who the report said was “holding a black fabric object identified as the victim’s sex swing. Lewis was also displaying his right middle finger to the camera,” according to the report.
It wasn’t long before another deputy spotted the gray Dodge and took off after it at speeds up to 112 mph along a highway toward Milledgeville.
It was raining and the deputy quickly called off the chase. The Dodge was later found abandoned and stuck in some mud in a roadside ditch near Lake Sinclair.
Inside the car was a beige tote bag with 15 or so pairs of women’s high-heel shoes. In the trunk, deputies found the sex swing.
“He just had to have it apparently,” Sheriff Howard Sills later said of the swing. “It was a device near and dear to his heart.”

Lewis turned up Dec. 27 at a house in neighboring Baldwin County. When Putnam sheriff’s investigators got there to arrest Lewis on felony burglary and eluding charges, Lewis’ ex-girlfriend was in the driveway.
She said she had come to get a vehicle that belonged to Lewis, but didn’t know where he was. An investigator spotted Lewis hiding nearby.
Lewis said he had run from the police a few days earlier “because he was scared and he did not have a driver’s license,” according to the sheriff’s report.
Lewis had previously denied breaking into the woman’s residence, an investigative report said, claiming he lived there with her.
According to the report: “John then begged (her) to drop the burglary charges and said, ‘Baby, please, that carries a lot of (prison) time.’” Lewis, the report went on, “then dropped to his knees and begged (her)” again.
The charges were not dropped.

The suspect, we are told, fathered two children with the victim. Let us pause to think about what shall become of their offspring, having been conceived and raised by such a pair of fine, upstanding citizens.

“Mama, why is Daddy is prison?”

Yeah, those kids are hopelessly doomed.

(Hat-tip: Kirby McCain on Twitter.)



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