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The SomethingAwful Meltdown: It’s Kind of Like LGF, Except With SJW Trannies

Posted on | January 6, 2020 | No Comments


Because this is the Internet, where nobody remembers anything that happened before last Tuesday, it is probably necessary first for me to explain that Little Green Footballs (LGF) is a blog run by Charles Johnson (CJ). Until about 2007, LGF was one of the leading conservative blogs, but then CJ lost his mind (or was possessed by demons) and declared war on Pamela Geller, accusing her of being a Nazi despite the ((( obvious ))). CJ’s meltdown proceeded slowly at first, but then in September 2009, he declared that I was also a Nazi. By the crazy logic of CJ’s demon-possessed mind, anybody who didn’t shun and denounce me was a Nazi sympathizer. Because I’m obviously not a Nazi, however, everybody with an iota of common sense at that point realized CJ was crazy, which inspired the Charles Johnson, Race Detective parody.


That’s the short version of the LGF meltdown saga. A longer version would include some discussion of how CJ got captured by his commenters. That is to say, most of what went on at LGF was not about anything that CJ did, but rather about the wide-open comment fields, and the commenters who got promoted to being contributors and given “admin” status. Several of CJ’s admins had personal agendas that were in direct opposition to the conservative politics that originally made LGF successful, and their influence seems to have inspired wave after wave of purges among the site’s commenters, reminiscent of Stalin in the 1930s. Which brings us to the Something Awful meltdown . . .

Once upon a time, SomethingAwful-dot-com was a Wild West frontier of politically incorrect humor, as uninhibited as 4chan or Reddit. In recent years, however, SomethingAwful (SA) has suffered a fate similar to LGF, except that it was transgender SJWs who captured the site:

If you’ve been following this is one of the worst instances I’ve ever seen of a community just getting wrecked from the inside out by over-zealous attempts to adhere to catty identity politics. I really don’t have anything against Trans people if people reading this think I do, it does not reflect on that community as a whole just because the Trans community on SA has become insanely controlling and intrusive, but it does say something about the crab bucket mentality that afflicts leftist communities all over the place, the seeming obsession over offence and oppression that results in ever more ugly and extreme behavior being tolerated and encouraged and driving away more and more people to chase some Sisyphean ideal.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)

What can we say about this? Why have accusations of “transphobia” become such a dye-marker of online neo-Stalinist repression?

My theory: A lot of people who inhabit “transgender” personas online (whether or not they are actually transgender in real life) are porn addicts, and porn addiction always produces insanity. These self-professed “social justice” activists are actually exhibiting a psychological defense mechanism, rooted in a twisted shame/guilt complex about their perverse sexuality. They present themselves as Arbiters of Righteousness, and lash out at scapegoats — “Nazis! Transphobia! ORANGE MAN BAD!” — as a way of shielding their damaged ego from the superego, to drown out the voice of their guilty conscience.

In a way they’re like Ted Haggard, the closet-case homosexual who preached constantly against homosexuality. That was one variation of the shame/guilt complex expressed as pharisaical hypocrisy, and endless bleating about “social justice” is just a different variation.


You should probably hit my tip jar for using the word “pharisaical” in a sentence, but in addition to having a formidable vocabulary, what I offer readers is a vast memory of historical trivia that most people never learned, or have forgotten if they ever knew it at all. Back in the 1990s, when the founder of SomethingAwful-dot-com was just a teenager, I was an assistant editor at a newspaper in Rome, Georgia, when we got our first Internet connection — one computer connected to the web via AOL dial-up. And my editor Pierre-Rene Noth said to me, “Stacy, find out what kind of Civil War stuff they have on there.” You see, that area had a lot of Civil War history and this was just a few years after the Ken Burns PBS documentary series, so appealing to the Confederate heritage interest among our readers was a good way of pursuing Pierre’s single-minded idea of local! local! local! news. But I digress . . .

The way I got smeared as a “white supremacist” originated in that 1995 assignment to research Confederate heritage on the Internet, which put me in contact with the League of the South, a so-called “neo-Confederate” organization that was later hate-listed by SPLC. Now, when I first contacted the League in 1995, there was nothing racist in their message, and I remember sitting with the League’s president Michael Hill, a history professor, having brandy and cigars on a friend’s back porch. But after I moved to Washington, D.C., and lost contact with my friends, they came under attack by the SPLC and after an organization is publicly branded “racist,” this becomes a certain kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. Respectable people don’t want to be associated with racism, which means that once a group gets hate-listed by the SPLC, the kooks take over. A good barometer of the kook takeover is when you find people muttering about how international bankers (nudge, nudge) are advancing their secret plan (wink, wink) to destroy our Aryan Gentile purity.

What does this have to do with the SomethingAwful-dot-com meltdown? Well, transgender activists are kind of like Jew-haters in their paranoid obsession, and once you let trannies assume the role of Arbiters of Righteousness, a complete kook takeover is probably inevitable.

Also, as I say, porn addiction makes people crazy, and in a 2017 profile, SomethingAwful-dot-com founder Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka gave a large hint about the original inspiration of the site:

I’m obviously not a visionary, but I predicted that the internet would be sh–ty back in 1999. Everybody was talking about how the internet was going to revolutionize everything and everything was going to be great, but nobody ever talked about how sh–ty the internet could also be.
A long time ago, if somebody said they really wanted to f–k a pillow with anime on it, if they went out in public and said that, they would be laughed at. There would be some element of shame. They would keep that inside and say, ‘Well, I want to f–k a pillow with anime on it but I can’t tell anybody.’ But then the internet came along and they could get on a webring or whatever it was back in the day. Go to rec/all/f–kanimepillow or whatever. Then other people would say ‘I want to f–k anime pillows, too.’ You had this community of people who were very intent on f–king anime pillows. The typical person does not want to f–k a pillow with anime on it. This, of course, was back when f–king anime pillows was fresh and new.
I found it to be very interesting that these subcommunities would sprout up and their numbers would grow and pretty soon it’s Pillowf–kers United, Inc. And I found that whole process back then — it was even happening in the usegroup days — I found that whole process incredibly interesting, how the groupthink would manifest itself and increase exponentially over time. It was something that all the media outlets were ignoring at the time.

You may not have spotted the telltale clues there, but Kyanka’s subconscious was trying to tell us, “Hey, I’ve got some very bad habits, and I’ve been pursuing these habits online since I was about 17.”

Given that Kyanka was born in 1976, he would have been a mere teenager “in the usegroup days,” and this hint of sexual perversion — although expressed as a joke — probably explains a lot about Kyanka’s personal problems and the related meltdown at SomethingAwful-dot-com. Also, we are told “there are consistent rumors that [Kyanka] has significant drug and alcohol issues” and he “has had two awful divorces.”


According to . . . uh, what somebody wrote on the Internet, when Kyanka’s first wife divorced him, she cleaned him out for $140,000, and his second wife, an immigrant, fled the state with their young daughter. While it may be that Kyanka has a habit of marrying crazy bitches, perhaps we should consider the possibility that Kyanka himself is a dangerously crazy person who needs to be investigated by the FBI.

This is where the totalitarian impulse arises: Sadistic freaks in the grip of sexual insanity (or demonic possession) crave power and seek to silence others — ban them! purge them! — who dispute their authority. Some of these weirdos become Gender Studies professors, because this SJW regime is nowhere more powerful than on university campuses, but the same impulse is also manifested in the otherwise inexplicable desire of some people to play Internet Thought Police. Keep in mind that the Internet is crammed full of the most disgusting filth you can imagine and yet, we are told, “free speech”! You’re a right-wing theocratic anti-sex Nazi if you criticize porn or the perverted consumers thereof. The same people who adamantly defend pornography, however, insist that the Internet must be kept safe from “hate,” a term of elastic definition, so that you are guilty of “hate” (transphobia) if you are against allowing grown men in dresses to use the same public restroom as your daughter.

Is this contradiction not obvious? Whenever I see the Thought Police running around shrieking about racism, sexism or homophobia — “Somebody said something rude on the Internet!” — I automatically suspect them of extreme depravity, because no emotionally healthy adult would waste two minutes of their time worrying about that crap. Last year, when the SPLC’s toxic work environment became a scandal, I was not surprised. You think Mark Potok and Morris Dees are normal human beings? No, they are very sick individuals, because who else would volunteer for that kind of job? The fact that Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka has now surrendered his site to trannie SJWs tells you something about his fundamental problem and, yeah, it’s Something Awful.

P.S.: What do you think happened to Deborah Frisch, huh? She’s in a Colorado jail now and has a court date Wednesday morning.