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In The Mailbox: 03.17.20

Posted on | March 17, 2020 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 03.17.20

– compiled by Wombat-socho

Since Chick-Fil-A and the county libraries have both closed, the FMJRA is going to be on hiatus until one or the other opens up again or I’m in my own place with reliable internet again, whichever happens first. Stupid Chinese and their stupid dietary practices!

357 Magnum: Liberal Arithmetic – Not Like The Regular Kind
Locomotive Breath: Virus Names Are Usually From Their Regional Origins
EBL: Irish Dancing
Twitchy: Actress Vanessa Hudgens Roundly Slammed For Her Heinous COVID-19 Take
Louder With Crowder: The Entire City Of San Francisco Is Shutting Down For Three Weeks

Adam Piggott: Podcast #139 – The Fearful Husband Episode
American Conservative:
American Greatness: Louie Gohmert Holds Up House Vote On Coronavirus Relief “Boondoggle”.
American Thinker: Did Red China Panic The World & Steal Our Wealth With A Common Cold?, also, Remember The H1N1 Virus? Me Neither
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily TP News
Babalu Blog: Cruise Ship With Coronavirus-Infected Passengers To Dock In Cuba
BattleSwarm: Coronavirus – The Bullshit Overreaction Phase
Cafe Hayek: Reality Is Never Optional
CDR Salamander: Whither The Supercarrier?
Da Tech Guy: The Silence Of LA, also, No 2nd Amendment, No Return To Zimbabwe
Don Surber: Red China Gave Italy Money & A Virus
The Geller Report: Temple Mount Imam – “We’ll Conquer The World & Rule It Through Islam”, also, Actress Rosanna Arquette Blames Jewish Conspiracy For Coronavirus
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, I Spent The Early Part Of The Morning Shopping
Hollywood In Toto: Andrew Klavan – It’s Only Getting Worse For Hollywood Conservatives, also, Salon Rages The Hunt Is Too Kind To Trump’s Deplorables!
JustOneMinute: Back At Ground Zero
Legal Insurrection: National Abortion Federation – Don’t Let Coronavirus Crisis Stop Abortions, also, Iran Scaling Back Terror Activities As Coronavirus Cripples IRGC
Megan McArdle: A Libertarian’s Unlikely Pandemic Plea – Subsidize Everything
The PanAm Post: Venezuela “Opposition” Leader’s Tirade Against Almagro, U.S.
Power Line: Why Italy & Iran? also, No, Trump Did Not Dissolve The Pandemic Response Office
Shark Tank: Univision Poll Has Trump Beating Biden Or Sanders In Florida
Shot In The Dark: Narrative Multi-Choice
STUMP: Taxing Tuesday – A Break From Coronavirus
The Political Hat: Who Teaches The Teachers?
This Ain’t Hell: Tuesday FGS, also, PVT Mike Sleeper – Not An Army Ranger
Victory Girls: Shamrocks, Social Distancing, & Zombie Movies
Volokh Conspiracy: Occupational Licensing Requirements In An Emergency
Weasel Zippers: MSM Reporters Spread Trump Quote Missing Vital Context About Wuhan Virus Repsonse, also Biden Forgets Obama’s Name During Tele-Town Hall
Mark Steyn: Coronapocalypse Now, also, Alien Instincts

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