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Wanted for Murder: Ace of Spades

Posted on | April 8, 2020 | 1 Comment


Ace has been killing it lately. He’s a homicidal maniac, with his jab at “Hot Air’s Resident Expert on All Matters Which Could Negatively Affect Trump’s Reelection Chances” — Allahpundit, obviously.

If you’re late to the blogosphere, there’s history between these two, going back to when Allah was a stand-alone blogger and quit, only to be resurrected by Michelle Malkin as lead blogger at Hot Air. This was in Dubya’s second term, when the right-side blogosphere was riding high after the glorious triumph of RatherGate and the relentless “Swift Boat” fisking of John F. Kerry’s military record. There was no Twitter back then, and Facebook was in its infancy, so the blogosphere going “corporate” was a big deal. There was kind of an informal network of bloggers — everything was about “blogrolls” back in the day — but the idea of “citizen journalism” was in its infancy, and the idea of blogging as a full-time job? Wow, that was a Great Leap Forward circa 2006.

Ace and Allah were both OG bloggers, back in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, during the Iraq War fury when Islamic jihad was the enemy that united conservatives, and when domestic social and economic issues were riding in the back of the bus. After the Occupation of Mesopotamia went sideways, and Barack Obama emerged as the Democratic nominee in 2008, there was a period of . . . Well, demoralization might not be the exact word, but the mood on the Right became rather gloomy, and the OG blogosphere reflected that. And then Obama was elected, and in early 2009, the Tea Party movement emerged as the rallying point of the Right. That was around the time when everybody discovered this new doodad called “Twitter,” which was a freewheeling Wild West back in the day, before the SJW Thought Police took over. But I digress . . .

Ace and Allah have been online acquaintances more than 15 years, and Ace used to link and quote Allah a lot. However, somewhere in the trajectory from Tea Party populism circa 2009 to Trump-style populism now, Ace has apparently lost all respect for Allah, who is basically #NeverTrump, over there in the Charlie “Three Wives” Sykes/David French/Bill Kristol cul-de-sac — the pathetic Bulwark “ahoy” crew.

It makes me sad, really. The one thing you never want to do, as a conservative media personality, is to become a punching bag for Ace, because when he starts punching, it’s like Rocky Balboa working over a side of beef in the freezer. He’s breaking ribs over there. It’s brutal.

Anyway, here’s Ace on Democrat plans for a “stimulus” for the media:

We’ll either voluntarily watch their propaganda, or we’ll be forced at government gunpoint to make charitable contributions to them?
Fuck these people, and fuck anyone who votes for this.
Here’s my plan for the media:



CODE . . .

If the Republicans fold on this, I’m officially done with the party and can be classified as hostile enemy forces.

My advice to Republicans: Don’t test him.

Nothing is more ferocious than an angry ewok.



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