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Early Release

Posted on | May 14, 2020 | Comments Off on Early Release

— by Wombat-socho

Well, I caught some lucky breaks yesterday, and I’m out of the homeless veterans’ shelter. Planning to stay out, too; the VA has put me up at the Candlewood Suites down the street from the Convention Center, and I’m going to abuse their wifi to catch up on lost blogging time over the next few days. In fact, I intend to stay holed up in my room all weekend, for I have a lot to post about. Much thanks to those of you who hit the tip jar in response to Stacy’s kind words the other day, and to those of you who bought things through my Amazon links in April.

For what it is worth, Gauleiter Sisolak has graciously decreed that some businesses may open but others may not, and the decision on which is which appears to have been made with the same careful attention lavished on the rest of the state’s response to Corona-chan, which is to say none. For example, this skin care salon is barred from opening, while barber shops and beauty salons are allowed to open for business. The casinos on the Strip are not yet open, with MGM looking to reopen its properties by “early June” and others as early as Friday. Restaurants are gradually reopening as well. This is a Good Thing, since unemployment in the state is currently sitting at 25%, mostly here in Clark County, and the state’s unemployment system is completely FUBAR, so much so that the state is considering waiving civil service rules in order to hire temporaries. The phone system is completely overloaded and the online web portal is scarcely better, so there’s a lot of pissed-off unemployed people around with time on their hands, and Sisolak may find himself staring down the barrel of a hostile legislature after this fall’s elections.

That having been said, while the local economy is struggling to get back on its feet, you can get some pretty amazing deals on hotel rooms and airline tickets if you want to come down here. Rooms at the Stratosphere and some of the downtown casinos are going for rates on Priceline not usually seen until the December doldrums, and Southwest is offering double frequent flyer miles on top of $49 fares for those who book now. (Unsolicited plug.) Stop by and say hi, why don’t you?

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