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The Church of ‘Social Justice’

Posted on | June 6, 2020 | Comments Off on The Church of ‘Social Justice’

Lawrence Person explains the Left’s religion:

Amidst a week of rioting and looting, New York Times writers finally found a topic they were united on: outrage over an editorial by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton saying president Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act to use federal troops to stop the violence. Their asinine rationale was this exposed black staffers to “violence.” Well, only if they’re rioters. They were outraged that the house organ of the Democratic Media Complex has to pretend there are other opinions than their own, and that anyone would dare stand up to the sanctified violence of Social Justice.
“Social Justice” is more than an ideology, it’s an all-consuming civil religion for the unchurched. To oppose it is to be evil, full stop. Against evil, any weapon or action is automatically sanctified. . . .
The first goal of social justice is to force groupthink and obedience to the dictates of the victimhood identity politics left. To control the country, the hard left must first control the Democratic Party. The goal of controlling the Party is far more immediate and important to them than winning elections for “moderate” Democrats.

Because “social justice” is essentially religious in nature, any Democrat who does not genuflect before the altars of this cult must be cast out as a heretic, the “politics of personal destruction” serving the purpose of terrorizing others into mindless compliance. Facts and logic cannot be used to refute such a belief system, and anyone who raises questions of practical politics — will this kind of radical protest movement actually help elect Democrats? — will be condemned as a cowardly sellout, a potential traitor to the cause. Of course, it is heresy to doubt the righteousness of the cause in terms of public policy. That is to say, no one can be allowed to ask whether liberal policies actually make life better for black people or members of other groups identified by the Left as victims of collective oppression. And because “social justice” is a religion, it must always have its sacrificial martyrs like the heroic barista:

A 22-year-old Ohio State University graduate died May 30 following protests in Columbus, according to television station WCMH.
The woman was identified on Instagram as Sarah Grossman, who was among protesters showing support for George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis when white former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25. . . .
Grossman worked at Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, which posted a statement on Facebook signed by the Stauf’s and Cup o’ Joe family:
“It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the death of one of our own today, Sarah Grossman. Her ability to make anyone feel comfortable, coworkers and patrons alike, kept our stores warm. At Stauf’s, Sarah was known for her devotion to keeping the workplace green by implementing environmentally-friendly practices on and off the clock. Outside of the store, she fought even harder for issues she cared about, including the Rainforest Alliance, and the Black Lives Matter movement. As a peaceful protestor this weekend, she stood up to end police brutality and was tear gassed as a result. Her death came in the aftermath, but her legacy stands even stronger. Stauf’s is working diligently on plans to honor her and the other peaceful organizers risking their lives in pursuit of justice. May Sarah’s memory ring through the streets of Columbus and give her fellow fighters reason to push on.

Apparently, the heroic barista had asthma, and it is believed that her exposure to tear gas triggered a fatal respiratory failure. Notice that, in the view of her admirers, Saint Sarah’s devotion to “keeping the workplace green” was morally equivalent to her support for Black Lives Matter. All part of the fabric of the same “social justice” religion, you see.



Saint Sarah had big plans, according to her sister:

She had just graduated from OSU with a major in environmental sciences and Spanish. Her plans were to first finish classes in Argentina and then go to the border of Mexico to help the children there, followed by moving to Guatemala to have a sustainable farm.

Une citoyenne du monde! Faites du monde le paradis sur terre!

Translation: “Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.”

UPDATE: What kind of “protest” was Saint Sarah the Blessed Barista participating in when Columbus police used tear gas? I think that’s highly relevant, because police don’t normally use this against peaceful demonstrators. So I checked for news about the protests in Columbus:

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther has announced a citywide curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., part of government officials’ response to ongoing protests over the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd.
The curfew “remains in place until it is rescinded,” Ginther said during a [May 30] press conference. He said the curfew is not intended to restrict citizens’ ability to exercise their free speech rights, but to allow the city to better protect its residents and infrastructure. . . .
Protests have been ongoing in downtown Columbus for the past three days, and both Ginther and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said the majority of protestors have been peaceful. But, Ginther said, more than 100 public and private properties were damaged Friday night, 10 properties were looted and five police officers were injured.
Meanwhile, DeWine has activated the Ohio National Guard and is asking the Ohio State Highway Patrol to assist city police officers in their management of protests.
“Sadly, there is a relatively small, but violent group of people who pose a specific and real threat to our law enforcement officers and to the safety of the citizens of Columbus and Franklin County,” DeWine said Saturday.
Activating the guard is “about protecting from unnecessary destruction the small businesses that our fellow Ohioans have worked so hard to create,” DeWine said.

When you start looting businesses and attacking police, you are no longer engaged in a “protest.” You are participating in a riot.




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