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Kenosha: Anthony Huber Was a Felon, and Jacob Blake Was Dangerous

Posted on | August 30, 2020 | 1 Comment


After a week of endless disinformation by the anti-Trump media, we are finally getting the truth about Kenosha, Wisconsin. We now know, for example, that Anthony Huber, one of the rioters who was shot to death by Kyle Rittenhouse, was not the saintly hero some in the media have tried to depict. Huber’s criminal record included a 2012 conviction for strangulation and false imprisonment in a domestic abuse incident. We also know that Jacob Blake, whose shooting last Sunday sparked the “mostly peaceful” riots in Kenosha, was wanted on a warrant for sexual assault and violated a protective order by his ex-girlfriend:

The cops involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake — which touched off a fresh wave of angry, anti-police sentiment across the country — were attempting to arrest him for violating a restraining order stemming from an alleged sexual assault, The Post has learned.
Blake, 29, was forbidden from going to the Kenosha home of his alleged victim from the May 3 incident, and police were dispatched Sunday following a 911 call saying he was there.
The responding officers were aware he had an open warrant for felony sexual assault, according to dispatch records and the Kenosha Professional Police Association, which released a statement on the incident on Friday.
That police union statement also claimed that Blake was armed with a knife at the time of the shooting — and had put one cop in a headlock and shrugged off two Taser attempts while resisting arrest.

The details of Blake’s assault of his victim are gross.

The information provided by Kenosha police puts last Sunday’s shooting in a whole new light. Blake was wanted on a felony warrant, he had fought with police when they tried to arrest him, and was apparently trying to get in a van with three kids in the back seat. Should police have let a criminal take those kids hostage? Because that’s what the situation would have been, if Blake had driven off in that van — a fugitive from justice, with three kids as hostages, in a stolen vehicle. That’s something CNN won’t tell you, that Blake had stolen the keys to his victim’s van.

It was a no-win situation for the cops. And yet we saw Kenosha go up in flames because of the media’s 24/7 incitement to riot. Now let’s return to the subject of Anthony Huber. What had happened was that Rittenhouse had shot sex offender Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum. We’ll talk more about that later, but here’s how Huber got shot:

A second person who was later identified as Anthony Huber approaches the defendant who is still on the ground, on his back. Huber has a skateboard in his right hand. When Huber reaches the defendant it appears that he is reaching for the defendant’s gun with his left hand as the skateboard makes contact with the defendant’s left shoulder. Huber appears to be trying to pull the gun away from the defendant. The defendant rolls towards his left side and as Huber appears to be trying to grab the gun the gun is pointed at Huber’s body. The defendant then fires one round which can be heard on the video. Huber staggers away, taking several steps, then collapses to the ground. Huber subsequently died from this gunshot wound.

That’s from the police affidavit in the case, which adds:

Dr. Kelley [who performed the autopsy] indicated that Huber had a gunshot wound to his chest that perforated his heart, aorta, pulmonary artery, and right lung.

“Center mass,” I believe is the phrase.

How did this spin so out of control? Well, from the affidavit, it appears that somehow Rittenhouse got separated from his crew, and the mob was chasing him through the streets. The sex offender Rosenbaum chased Rittenhouse across a parking lot, in a scene witnessed by Daily Caller reporter Richard McGinnis, who is quoted in the affidavit:

McGinnis said that according to what he saw the defendant was trying to evade these individuals. McGinnis described the point where the defendant had reached the car. McGinnis described that the defendant had the gun in a low ready position. Meaning that he had the gun raised but pointed downward. The butt of the gun would have been at an angle downwards from the shoulder. McGinnis stated that the defendant brought the gun up. McGinnis stated that he stepped back and he thinks the defendant fired 3 rounds in rapid succession. . . .
McGinnis said that the unarmed guy (Rosenbaum) was trying to get the defendant’s gun. McGinnis demonstrated by extending both of his hands in a quick grabbing motion and did that as a visual on how Rosenbaum tried to reach for the defendant’s gun. Detective Cepress indicates that he asked McGinnis if Rosenbaum had his hands on the gun when the defendant shot. McGinnis said that he definitely made a motion that he was trying to grab the barrel of the gun. McGinnis stated that the defendant pulled it away and then raised it.
McGinnis stated that right as they came together, the defendant fired. McGinnis said that when Rosenbaum was shot, he had leaned in (towards the defendant).

And the affidavit adds:

Dr. Kelley indicated that Rosenbaum had a gunshot wound to the right groin which fractured his pelvis, a gunshot wound to the back which perforated his right lung and liver, a gunshot wound to the left hand, a superficial gunshot wound to his lateral left thigh, and a graze gunshot wound to the right side of his forehead.

Of the five wounds, two were potentially fatal. R.I.P., sex offender.

This video analysis has some interesting commentary:


“That’s the ultimate ‘play a stupid game, win a stupid prize.’ You’re running, chasing somebody down. The person you’re chasing has a rifle. What did you expect?”

Exactly. Nobody would have gotten shot had it not been for the aggressive stupidity of convicted sex offender JoJo Rosenbaum. Once he had collected his stupid prize, the rest of the rioting mob decided they should join in on the stupid game of chasing the guy with the rifle.

Amazing marksmanship. Given a sufficient supply of ammunition, Rittenhouse could have wiped out every Antifa thug in Kenosha.



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